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    2019 Wyo Elk

    Congrats on a great bull!
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    Wyoming Mule Deer 2019

    Great buck, great write up!
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    New Toy

    Me too.
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    Gander Outdoors 50% off Blackhorn

    Good to know. Thanks
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    Grand Slam, Bottom of the 9th, Colorado OTC

    Great story! Its going to be hard to top that experience!!!
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    2019 Wyoming adventure

    Couldn't help but notice your father in law has see through rings but no steel sights?
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    Getting started duck hunting

    If your in southern Wisconsin I can help with part of that. I'm on the committee for a delta chapter here on the state line. Speaking of which we are having our banquet in two weeks. PM me if you have any interest in delta.
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    1 down. 2 to go.

    Congrats! Going to be quite a year for you.
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    Buck of the Year?

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    Meet the Pochards

    Usually I don't care for the sitting poses on birds but that looks great!!!
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    2019 Dove Season

    Didnt get out this year due to other obligations. First time my brother and I have ever missed the opener since we started as kids. Great pics everyone!
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    Never Duck Hunted

    Some good info right there! It's a hard learning curve if your starring from scratch, trust me.
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    Ozark is really good. I'll have to try breaking bad.
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    New Mexico Dec. Hunt in unit 16e

    These new guys always draw the best tags! Welcome!
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    Wyoming wilderness guide rule poll

    Was wondering the same?