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    Ever kill a lion off it’s kill?

    Unbelievable! I can't believe it worked out. Congratulations! I read your post this morning thinking that would be cool but I doubt it. Thanks for proving me wrong!
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    Fun Day

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    A year to remember

    Yup! Definitely one for the books! Enjoy it.
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    Shooting an Intruder

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    My five year old is on a tare in MS!

    Pretty impressive for his age.! Is he shooting of of shooting sticks? Or?
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    Red Desert

    Following along! I've been intrigued by this area for years.
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    4 years still waiting on my buck. How long is too long?

    Sounds just like the guy who did my first 10 point when I was twelve years old. My parents had it done for me for Christmas. Two and a half years later finally got it back. He did a pretty lousy job on it too compared to work in the past. Claimed he was going through a divorce.
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    My oldest boy got his deer!

    Congrats to him! Glad it paid off in the end!
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    WY and MT adventure

    You made it look easy! Congrats!
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    Montana deer camp 2019

    Man those are some great pics! Congrats!
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    Game Bags - Proper Use

    Cold water and bleach makes them like new.
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    Son's best Whitetail to date

    Great buck!
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    Outfitters that lease ranches

    Everything is Same here in illinois. Everything is leased, newest thing the last couple years is now they are leasing up bare crop fields for waterfowl hunting too. After a couple years the guys in the club who are leasing figure out they are paying big money for shit ground. As soon as they...
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    Shortest recovery distance EVER.

    Dropped quite a few where they stood. One whitetail comes to mind though. Shot him through lungs at 15 yards broadside. He made one lunge forward head first into an 8x8 corner post. Pretty sure it snapped his neck. When I picked him up by the antlers his neck was making all sorts of crunching...
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    Idaho Fowl

    That's a great pic! Nothing better than greenheads!