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    WA Griz reintroduction halted

    i'm cool with all those but the grizz, at least in YNP densities.
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    Pickup of the Future?

    Com'on what do you expect? Zero videos? Selfies and snarky comments on Twitter? Those videos are exactly what you'd expect of company trying to take over a portion of the market. I sent them a note asking about actual truck stuff. Hauling gravel, firewood, my mother in law's New couch...
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    Dams That Never Were

    Talk about a garbage design, it failed dozens of times!
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    Pickup of the Future?

    "Our goal is to prove to people they don't have to give up their outdoor lifestyle to own an electric vehicle"
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    Pickup of the Future?

    Maybe, with a 400 mile range, 200 miles is still pretty damn good. I don't do a lot of towing but it's all within 50 miles, let alone 200.
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    Pickup of the Future?

    They've been testing components in cold temps too. You have to remember this isn't GM, this isn't a tweek to some existing model. This is an entirely new company making an entirely new product from scratch (or at least not from a typical mold already out there). So just because you haven't seen...
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    Stumptown Acquisition

    Glad to see conservation club with grey hair getting it done. Our Wenatchee Sportsman's Assoc board keeps preaching that we need more young people (like me), and I keep responding that I have an 8-5 and two small kids, they're the ones that need to get shit done because I don't have time. Looks...
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    Anyone heard from @Randy11?

    Thanks @Oak great to hear.
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    Anyone heard from @Randy11?

    I haven't noticed him on here much and know he was holing up pretty tight with Covid. I hope all is well with him. @Randy11
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    $#!t they dont play on the radio

    "snorting cocaine off buck knife."
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    Pickup of the Future?

    The other side of that coin is that we're working for a local PUD to install a ~10mil hydrogen facility as a means to "use" all the excess hydropower they generate every year but the grid can't support or no one will buy. Localized conditions are vary significantly.
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    Pickup of the Future?

    I had planned on driving my trundra the rest of my life. But I'm thinking hard about getting on the wait list.
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    Pickup of the Future?

    They seem to really be shying away from public funding.
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    Best house siding??

    Good call, I honestly wouldn't have noticed it, pretty discrete.