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    E-Bike legality in Montana.

    I don't get the millennial's hate in society.
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    Vasectomy vs Sheep Tag

    I got out easy. 15 minutes after my wife had our 2nd little sh!t, she proclaimed she didn't want to ever go through that again..."tie those d@mn things shut!" A couple hours later she was fixed and I'm still a fish shootin' SOB. The hospital had the final laugh though when I saw how much more...
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    River Rafting---loss of caribou--women complain more---favorite food--N.Z. Huntress

    Yes, though I've almost drowned a couple of times so I'm a little more tempered in my enthusiasm these days. In WA and OR there only a couple main rivers I haven't done. I need to do the Rogue, John Day, and....the Tieton. These days elk, but it used to be mule deer/ducks. If we go by effort...
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    Best Trail Cam Pictures

    Gosh, I swear the first one has kickers too, but must be some background twigs.
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    Best Trail Cam Pictures

    Same buck in both pics?
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    Hunter threatened after using onX

    Totally unrelated, but I'm working on a water rights project where a farmer purchased a parcel of land, that both he and his realtor concluded was east of his house. He's in section 2. The property description was XXXX section 1. All the maps at the time showed it east of his house. He farmed...
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    Anyone seen the Rivian vehicles? The introduction video is ridiculous... as in WTF, did you do a dry run first! Apparently not, and their stock reflects it today, down 6% when I looked.
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    Waders that don't suck?

    That's and I'll look into them, but I need more than 400 in the boot. My current ones are 400 and I worried about frost bite almost every drip from now till the end of January.
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    Time for Land Tawney to step down?

    That's my point.
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    Time for Land Tawney to step down?

    Is it possible that your example pic was a product of not having the level of protections that PLREDA includes and thereby is an example of exactly why green energy needs to consider wildlife and habitat?
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    Hunter threatened after using onX Let me know if there's no free views and I'll update with the text.
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    Best Trail Cam Pictures

    A couple cool bull pics from this summer. Kinda forgot about them as I was setting it up for a co-worker with a special draw tag. He didn't end up even hunting this area. Apparently they weren't good enough for him.
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    Best Trail Cam Pictures

    He ate it, but there's only a couple of blurry photos of him packing it off.