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    Bulls for Billionaires take 2 (Wyoming edition)

    Sadly too many
  2. NDGuy

    Knives - Show Me

    Half Face Blades
  3. NDGuy

    Geeze RMEF

    What is the point of your post? lol Plenty of people would pay for a chance at big low-pressure bulls. Would you rather have $50 tickets with 500 sold?
  4. NDGuy

    Geeze RMEF

    Much better than your odds applying in a lot of other places. Not to mention probably damn good bull quality....
  5. NDGuy

    Corned Elk/Pastrami

    @Edwin has an epic pastrami recipe. A favorite for sure
  6. NDGuy

    Great social media posts..

    Ok this is fkin hilarious. And that I know Shelby makes it even better
  7. NDGuy

    Craigslist to Connect With Landowners?

    Farmers only .com
  8. NDGuy

    Opinion on MT Missouri River Breaks Special Rifle Tags (worth the bonus points?)

    People would likely be more outgoing with advice if you contribute to the forum instead of only posting after drawing a LE tag
  9. NDGuy

    Montana draw

  10. NDGuy

    Nosler Partition or Barnes TTSX

    Do I have to reload to use hammers? Or does anyone sell loaded cartridges?
  11. NDGuy

    Montana draw

    I am sure this was in jest but if not ....Lighten up Francis
  12. NDGuy

    If you only wanted one animal mounted, what would you choose?

    I'd probably go with a Bighorn Ram or a very nice mule deer. Seeing that the former is nowhere in sight for me, I'll hope for the mule deer lol.

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