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  • Hey Bob,
    Thanks for the info. We ended up making our way all the way to the Grand Canyon after going through 89A up to Flagstaff. Got those some antelope in Prescott Valley and 2 elk as we got into Grand Canyon Park boundary. Sedona is a beautiful place, is it huntable? Drove over 500miles today and got back to Goodyear about 10:30pm. Still going to try to look at other places tomorrow or Friday. If you can think of any other places to maybe check out can you email me?

    Thanks again, it was nice talking to you,
    For siteseeing Go to Flag. then Sedona, Jerome. Areas to hunt otc check between jerome and prescott, or east side of I-17 is Bloody Basin road. You can get back aways on it( it is dirt) Most of those areas are spot and stalk/ You can get high in the pines in some areas but have to know where the deer hang.Call Me tomm. if needed 701-500-9845. Good luck and have fun. PS. always descent within a few miles of the desert lakes too.......BOB!
    Hello naturebob,

    You responded to a thread I started about AZ hunting and was wondering if you could give me some info? I am stuck in Goodyear for a couple days with a rental car and looking for something to do. The wife and I were thinking of taking a drive to Flagstaff and also thinking of looking for some places to maybe hunt OTC archery next year. Could you give me any ideas?

    Thank you,
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