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  • Jim,
    As far as bulls being pushed from west of 430 I don't think that is too much of an issue. I have seen elk crossing 430 but I don't think it is much of a mass exodus from either side to the other. Water is the key but the elk will move far to get water and there is more than you would think. I work at Black Butte and we get a lot of elk coming into our ponds and reclamation. During the summer most of the elk will bed off the mine permit area and travel to the mine to get water. I would say the quality is better in 124 than in 100. All in all I think your son would have a great hunt in 124 provided he does not let the pressure of having a very good tag get to him if he is not seeing 400" bulls. Good luck in the draw and let me know if you draw. I would be happy to send you pics and locations of bulls I see during the summer and fall.
    I did a search for 124 Wyo elk and noticed that you've worked in that area. I was wondering if you would be willing to share a few tips on the unit. My son has max Wyo pts and I've been considering applying him there. I imagine some of those elk are resident and other may wander into the unit from Colo and elsewhere during the winter? I noticed that the elk season starts a couple weeks later than the adjoining units (30, 31, and 32). I'm curious if many elk get pushed into 124 then? I've been in 201 and 2 in Colo but haven't been in 124. Are the elk mostly on the west side of 124 or are they generally scattered. A lot of that country looks void of water so I imagine they may be concentrated where there are water sources. In regards to bull quality...do you think it's similar to 100? I spent time in 100 antelope hunting this year and saw some decent bulls but nothing totally outrageous. Any advice you may have would be great appreciated!
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