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    New Mexico: Game&Fish ordered to release Customer info

    I believe he has sued his employer. Also see LADaily Post article concerning Mr Whitehead and LANS. It seems as if you could run the draw result numbers and make conclusions about resident and non resident quotas without requiring people's personal information. Perhaps someone from a game...
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    New Mexico G and F releasing your identity

    He sued his employer somewhat recently too. Refer to LADaily Post: sheriff candidate sues LANS in June 2018 Also sued LA county in April 2018.
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    Walking Sticks for Hunting?

    In the past I dismissed trekking poles, but I now use them anytime I am carrying full size packs. The extra (third/fourth) point of contact can make a difference going down a slope and balancing a pack load.
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    Finally got my OTC Barbary

    Thanks. Going to do a Euro mount. I have done lots of antlered euros but never a horned euro. It will be a good learning experience.
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    Finally got my OTC Barbary

    Weekend solo hunt. It was quite the adventure.
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    NM Elk Hunting. 16E

    Elk there. Unit is checker boarded but not too bad. Take a look at harvest rates on G and F site. I believe in 2018 they were dismal. 2019 harvest rates are probably not out yet.
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    Bow Case for Flying

    SKB case.
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    Need NM gila growth update

    Saw some solid 5x5 's last weekend in unit 15. Much better than the drought dinks of last year. Try to down load some pics later this week.
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    Need NM gila growth update

    I'll be heading down there this weekend to check out some new areas.
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    First Time WT Euro Mount

    Walnut looks great!
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    New Mexico Unit 18 Pronghorn

    Nice lope bucks in 18. As cmeyer733 already said, watch for rattlers. A nice western diamondback scared the crap out of me a few years ago scouting for deer.
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    New Mexico elk unit 34 archery

    A good tag for elk for sure. But be sure to read info in the NM Hunting/Game proc on Unit 34 and CWD. Few cases of CWD have been found there over the years.
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    State Lands

    Few years back while hunting in (16e) Catron, I spent a good part of the day looking up land ownership thru Catron county tax assessor office website. I had to use the Township and range info from NM tate Land office to pin point who owned what. I coded my BLM maps with this info.
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    Deadheads - Let's see 'em