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    North American elk, Ecology and Management book- what’s it worth

    I have the newer edition of North American elk: Ecology and Management and was wondering if anyone had a realistic idea of what it might be worth. I see them on eBay and Amazon right now for 700-1000 and some are listed at more than that. I’m currently on the fence about selling it and thought...
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    New guy from SD

    Aberdeen area, the bird hunting is a good bonus but not as good as it once was!
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    Barnes copper bullets?

    I really like 100 grain TTSX out of my 257 Weatherby. They shoot great out of my gun and the couple WT bucks I’ve shot with it haven’t even wiggled.
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    White Sulphur Springs elk hunting

    I would recommend being mobile in that area and day hunting until you locate elk.
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    Phoneskope vs Universal mount

    I used to try and use a universal one then I bucked it up and bought the phonescope. It was well worth the upgrade.
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    Scope mount suggestions please.

    I like using a Leupold rail with Warne rings. Haven’t had a reason to change.
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    How bad was the EHD around Sand Lake NWR this year?

    If decide to try for slwr and you do end up drawing the tag and have questions on deer numbers or anything pm me and I can try to answer them the best I can.
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    How bad was the EHD around Sand Lake NWR this year?

    That sounds like a solid plan for a lot of fun! I typically get the best responses from bucks to rattling in that area nov 5-15 so I would recommend having a set of those if you do go to sand lake.
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    Boss shotshells

    I bought and shot a case of them waterfowl hunting last year. They didn’t really light my fire. They shoot dirty and I seemed to have to clean my sx3 more than usually. For decoying ducks and geese, regular steel seemed to work just as good.
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    Best App for viewing trail cam photos?

    I use a Moultrie card reader that plugs straight into my iPhone and the iBrary app. Works good for me.
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    New guy from SD

    New guy from South Dakota, I’m a 24 year old accountant who is working on getting his CPA license. I mostly hunt big game around home and make quite a few trips out west a year. I also do some waterfowl and pheasant hunting.
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    How bad was the EHD around Sand Lake NWR this year?

    It’s been pretty dry so the deer have a lot of area to hide in the cattails. There’s plenty of deer and some nice one. Its just different hunting than most people are used to. I don’t personally hunt it but I do hear there has been more pressure during archery. I hunt around the refuge but on...
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    How bad was the EHD around Sand Lake NWR this year?

    Not much. I live by there and have only found a few dead deer this fall while deer/bird hunting. And they were all 60+ miles west of there.

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