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    Don’t laugh... What is your hunting rig?

    take get chains and it will take a foot of snow to stop ya
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    HOWA questions here

    Just put in a spring kit for the HCAT trigger. comes form GUNBLOKE on ebay out of Australlia for about $16. crisp clean 2.5lbs
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    Best aftermarket recoil pad?

    limbsaver and kickeze, i choosing kickeze more lately. Limbsavers issues have been fixed.
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    Central WY Game processer

    Deer and goats are $100-125, elk is $200-300. extra $ for quick turn around. most places usually offer a meat swap for around $140. you dont get your meat, but you get an average weight return of a verity of cuts and sausage and sticks..... Prices are high out here.
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    Central WY Game processer

    pats in casper, kohlers in Gillette.
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    Tape at the end of barrel?

    Electric tape or painter's tape works. Works same with brake. One strip over barrel end, one strip around end of first strip to secure
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    WTS- Ti stove pipe, 73.5x 2.5 inch

    For sale. Ti stove pipe from a lite outdoors stove.. 73.5 inch x 2.5'. Burned in 5 times. no bands. $60 shipped
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    Antelope advice and thoughts - specific scenario archery

    make sure they cannot see you park, get out and matter how far away.
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    Wyoming unit 23

    70-75qt should do.....
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    Dehydrated Meal Containers

    Zipper style Sious vide bags
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    Ate camel overseas. Greasy but good with lots of salt!
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    Wyoming - flying aircraft over private to access public land

    So this means the ranchers and outfitters will stop flying to herd animals back onto private correct?........right.
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    Lighter arrow recommendation.... thoughts?

    Keep it or go with a 100g head.
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    Killer instinct 415 crossbow

    Have had one now for about a month. Nice xbow for the money and hit hard. Kind of loud, but at 400+ fps, youll have that.. 10,20,30 all same crosshair. 40 is about 3in low. Ordering up some heavier bolts now. far pretty impressed with it.