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    $35 each
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    once fired Lapua brass. .308 50- large primer $40 50- small primer $40 shipped prices
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    Weatherby 300 ammo

    Leupold gives a 50% LE/Veteran discount. sign up on their website.
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    Chest cold Remedies

    sambucol, green tea with Thieves drops and honey, pineapple juice and vicks on the chest, back, throat and bottoms of the feet wtih socks on.
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    Hunter Harassment - Antelope Unit 19 State Trust Land

    if its a newer, metal T-post and barb wire sure , its probably close. But if its an old ceder post fence I have seen them 50-100 yds off. Back in the day it really came down to convience as to where the fences fell along gpvernment property.
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    Break open your first aid kits for me

    1 CAT TQ, package of quick clot type gauze, package of regular gauze, tube of superglue and roll of tape. for meds I carry asprin (heart attack), advil (pain and anit inflamitory) and some benadryl( I hunt with weak ppl).
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    What are your 2020 plans?

    Less for me this year but my Son will finally be old enough for big game, so more for him. for me Wy general deer, the usual Wy goat tag, try for a party limited Wy elk tag but settle for a general tag. Will probably pick up 2 goat buck tags for my Son and an extra doe/fawn deer tag.
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    Hunter Harassment - Antelope Unit 19 State Trust Land

    I live in area 19 and draw tags for it yearly. Havent been on this specific piece but will make a point to hunt it next year. I hate confrontation like this because it ruins the hunt but also love it because i love putting idiots in their place. Ill have my gun and badge handy!
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    Hunter Harassment - Antelope Unit 19 State Trust Land

    or GPS is correct and the fence was put up for convience and to gain the landowner an extra few acres.
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    Have you ever NOT felt like hunting?

    been down and out before with no drive to hunt (even when its the only thing that brings me back to North). Like others have said. Just get out there, rest your mind and let the woods , waters and the smell of the decaying autum leaves cleanse your soul.
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    WY preference point deminishing returns?

    lots of area with good elk and deer. I see just as many and as large bulls in areas that take 4 as I do in areas that take 10+. Deer can be had for 4-5 for some great areas and 2-3 for areas taht have the oppertunity for some large bucks.
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    HOWA questions here

    Lop, distance from butt pad to trigger. Standard is usually 14in
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    Deer - lets see em

    Nice buck
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    Burris Custom dials

    Heres on a vortex, clicked to 400 and whacked him