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    Brand New to Archery

    I'm also a beginner and found a local club that does 3D shoots once a month. My local club is fairly small and they sold me a target for very cheap ($10 for a McKenzie Blackbuck target) that was still in really good shape. It only needed some minor repair and a new paint job and has motivated me...
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    Looking for Browning White Gold Medallion X-Bolt

    I own this rifle in 270 and I love it. We call it our "heirloom" rifle and plan to pass it on to our kids in the future. Excellent gift choice!
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    New Member from Reno Nevada Area.

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    New Member from Northern Nevada

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    Story Time: First Buck!

    Thank y'all for the kind words!
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    New member from WI searching for knowledge

    Welcome! What a great way to spend some quality time with your daughter. I also don't know anything about hunting 'lopes but I wish you both the best of luck in your journey!
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    New from the Left Coast....

    Welcome! Congrats on your imminent retirement!
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    Hello from Bozeman

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    Average Joe's 2018

    Your setup looks and sounds very solid. You obviously found something that works well for you and really that's all that matters. Best of luck!
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    Average Joe's 2018

    VERY Excited to hear more about your adventures! Keep it up! Your photos look great and they will only get better. If you don't mind me asking, what camera gear do you use? We use a Canon 6D and have recently acquired a Tamron 150mm-600mm to use for wildlife and man was that a worthwhile...
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    Greetings from the UK

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    permission for hunting

    My protocol when on private property is simple: I am a guest and have been given the privilege to hunt on this person's land. Whatever they say, goes. If I don't like it or agree with it, I can take myself somewhere else. To me, this is one of those situations where it doesn't matter if the...
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    Rifle shooting and a little bragging

    Congrats! Great photos too!
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    Better late than never.

    Welcome! Congratulations on beating cancer! Best of luck in your journey for acquiring and sharing knowledge.
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    Hello from Va newbie

    Welcome! I 'fourth' going through and reading old threads searching for advice. I'm doing that myself (starting to prep for the upcoming season, haha) and there's a wealth of info. Can't say enough good things about this place. It's pretty great