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  1. Lawnboy

    For you bighorn experts, let's play the annuli game

    #7 I'm guessing 7.5 and he's 205+. Absolute giant.
  2. Lawnboy

    For you bighorn experts, let's play the annuli game

    I knew we had a shooter when the Mike pence fly arrived
  3. Lawnboy

    For you bighorn experts, let's play the annuli game

    #1-4y #2-4yr #3-7yr #4-5 yr #5-7 yr #6-7yr I best stick to cutting grass 😂
  4. Lawnboy

    2020 Alaska Dall sheep hunter success ?

    My brother reports way low numbers. Saw 1 legal ram all season so far. He talked to a bio in his area that is reportedly seeing 50% less on his collared ewes. Bio also mentioned that we are seeing the effects from a hard winter years ago in lambs. Just overall lower numbers. This is just in his...
  5. Lawnboy

    Montana Ewe Double

    Great hunt. Looks Sturgeon island in the background of your pictures?
  6. Lawnboy

    Best Trail Cam Pictures

    Uhh ya. Top 1 or 2 bulls I've ever seen in Montana
  7. Lawnboy

    Best Trail Cam Pictures

    Had the rifle tag that year but never put eyes on him the whole season. This was early August
  8. Lawnboy

    Best rewards credit card for hunters?

    I use Alaska Airlines. It's been great for facilitating my Alaska hunts using miles and also for taking the family on vacations. I build homes every 2 years and try to use my card as much as possible in the process. I max it out then immediately pay it off with the construction loan proceeds...
  9. Lawnboy

    New Gerber Knives

    I got to play with this prior to the public launch. Gotta say it was perfect. No more broken blades and it was wicked sharp. Loving the serrated tendon blade as well to do the dirty work that typically dulls your skinning blade.

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