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    Helicopter Landing in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

    Hmm I guess good to know JLS Their estate on Star Ridge road in Bozeman is estimated at 2.4 million. So I get the feeling the fine amount is just under some couch cushions with them. Nothing against wealth really, its just they need a different punishment. Like loss of license to fly for at...
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    Helicopter Landing in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

    Do you feel like going into a little more depth? Id be interested in calling or emailing the FS. Or would I need to higher a lawyer to file charges? No different being a MT vs CA resident? Ive havent been to the Bob yet, but I will. Like most others here I enjoy many wilderness areas throughout...
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    Helicopter Landing in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

    And we would have been equally enraged had it had those stickers on it!
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    Helicopter Landing in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

    Unbelievable, how do we put major pressure on the FS to fully prosecute and not just hand out a slap on the wrist?
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    If I only knew this when I first started backpacking....

    Should have bought a backpacking chair (1lb) a decade ago. Screw the foam glassing pads :)
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    Bad outfitter practices in central Montana.

    Sounds like wanton waste to me from all parties involved. Those clients should have just went ahead and tracked the bulls onto public land with or without the outfitter. Bet they didnt punch their tag and continued hunting?
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    Elk gun for wife

    I’m a huge proponent of sub 270 rifle cartridges. With the bullet technology today, in my opinion, makes anything larger overkill unless your into going to Africa or grizz I suppose. I switched from a 30-06 to a 6.5X284 Norma 5 years ago. 120 gr bullet no muzzle break to blow your ears out...
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    California X5A

    Pick an xzone you can draw and do your homework with boots on the ground all summer. Posting units online especially in CA is frowned upon. The only story I can share is a hunt a couple years back in a lower tier zone where we scouted religiously all summer and opening morning @7:30 am we had...
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    Go Fund Me

    When/where did he tell you? I am with you man, the content everyone is putting out is getting to be too much, too specific.
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    CA D5 zone???

    It is not an exaggeration to say one can see a small army of bears in D3-5, 6 on a backpacking trip May-September. October/November they get tricky to find.
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    One piece that you have to hunt with?

    My tiger print thong, want to see a picture?
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    Washington State Mule deer

    Hey OP, don’t listen to the salty old farts and hunt the shit out of that country, you’ll get into bucks and have a great adventure. Try asking about California hunting it’s hilarious, and I have great times and success every year. Plus, why not spread the love/experience around? Next thread...
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    KUIU Hunting Starter Pack

    HA! Spot on, white sunglasses and a creeper goatee is the worst.
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    2nd season elk hunt in colorado

    Get yourself the fastest most expensive UTV possible, thank me later for the hot tip.
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    Tri-tip Steak

    I agree and misspoke in my OP. What I should have said was the cuts in the hind quarter, Sirloin, rump, top and bottom round, etc is what Ive had luck with. Surely I am not cooking the shanks, neck, rib, etc the same way.