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    I have DNZ mounts on several rifles with 30mm scopes (not Vortex). Never used Loctite with them, and I've had zero issues with the screws loosening. I torqued the ring screws to 25 inch lbs.
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    Kitty Kitty!!!

    Awesome! Congrats!
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    First Muley

    I would have that one mounted as well.... But I love the odd ones.
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    Non-Bonded Bullets options

    Core-Lokts and Nosler BT have done me well over the years.
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    Win an Elk Hunt with Big Fin

    Submitting an entry is a no-brainer, done.....
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    Bullet Selection, 338-06

    I love my 338-06, it just kills things, and I've never been in a situation where I regretted carrying it. The most accurate combination I've found is 185 gr TTSX bullet and Varget powder. I tried heavier lead bullets but they were not as accurate in my rifle.
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    Reminder - Be Careful

    Very lucky, great reminder. All of my hunts are solo this year. I wish him a fast recovery.
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    Nevada success!

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    Leupold Custom Shop

    here is the link.
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    Leupold Custom Shop

    Ordered a purple VX-3i 3.5-10x40 from Leupold's Custom Shop for my wife to go on a rifle she won at a DU dinner. Looks like Leupold did an awesome job. My wife is super excited!!! Leupold posted a pic on their Instagram feed:
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    Powder for 7mm mag

    I've had good luck with IMR 4350 and 140 gr Accubonds.
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    Adult Onset Hunter

    Depending on how much time / enthusiasm you have, you can always purchase both. In CA you can have two deer tags. The General Seasons for the A and B zones pretty much run back to back. I hunt A zone, and I can tell you to expect warm temperatures, so plan accordingly. Most of the deer activity...
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    Nosler Accubond 140 grain vs. 160 grain-Elk

    Choose whichever is more accurate. I would have zero hesitation with either bullet.
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    Rings and bases

    I have Warne Mt Techs on one of my 300 win mags with a VX-6. Fantastic rings, well designed, lightweight yet rock solid. I have shot hundreds of rounds with this setup, and taken it on lots of hunts. No issues whatsoever.
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    New to hunting and and new to the talk(California hunting)

    I used to live in that area, welcome to the forum.