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  • cool man thanks for the update. did you see anything yesterday morning? my name is Greg by the way. if all goes according to plan, we will be leaving at 11 AM on saturday. i would leave earlier but i have to work that morning. i am planning to leave straight from work, which is in downtown boise. what part of boise are you living in?
    alrighty good to know. i work fulltime and so A.M. hunting is outta the picture for me but i can hunt evenings for the most part though and weekends too. this week i am slammed with work since i just got back from a trip but next week i might be able to help you out if your interested. weekends i usually drive up and camp somewhere, hunting form saturday afternoon through monday afternoon. if you can get permission from your woman i could take you with me up to 36A this weekend.
    hey man i am going to go out tonight and towmorrow am got to get kid to school at 12 tomorrow and prob will go out thurs morning those are the days i am for sure on right now my goal is to get a diecent mulie i will work for it i am a go getter yes i live right in boise and as mypost says i am very limited on times to hunt, i hunt when i can and i go hard it is just finding a spot where deer are here is my prob..
    hey man dont know if my last message went through as my network crashed, but send me your availability and goals for bagging a buck and i could possibly try and help you out. do you live right in boise or where?
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