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    AZ deer draw results posted

    Results are up on the portal. Coues in se AZ for me. Good luck to everyone
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    Late Kaibab - 11 years old

    Gonna have the time of his though. So cool
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    Late Kaibab - 11 years old

    $45 is a resident deer tag. Good luck to you
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    Az hit card

    deer and turkey tags for me. 99% sure I'll be coues hunting. Might as well grab an otc bear tag too. Season runs at the same time as turkey tag I drew
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    Late Kaibab - 11 years old

    it's all downhill from there
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    6.5 PRC

    I contacted Christensen and they said the new lefties will be available in late October. The more I read the more excited I get about the PRC. If I draw a Thanksgiving coues tag I should be able to use it on that hunt. Love getting new guns
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    New from AZ

    The 8 late hunt is crowded. It can be done though. Hopefully you have the time because after opening weekend you practically have the place to yourself. At least until the cow hunters start showing up on Wednesday.
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    6.5 PRC

    Great to know, thank you!
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    6.5 PRC

    Sounds like this may be my covid 19 bonus once they become available. Can’t lie though, 28 Nosler is badass too
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    6.5 PRC

    How ironic. The CA Mesa is the reason I’m considering the cartridge. I just received a response from CA in which they said they are now offering the Mesa left handed model in 6.5 PRC, along with 300 win, 300 PRC, and 28 Nosler. I really like the 28 but already have a 300 win and I feel they...
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    6.5 PRC

    I'm intrigued by this cartridge. Better ballistics than the creedmore. However I think only Hornady produces factory ammo for it. I do not reload. Would this scare you guys away? I can hear my late dad telling me "if you can't find it in small town america, don't buy it." lol
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    .270 Win vs 30-06 Sprinfield (Debate)

    No debate needed. Buy what you like
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    Elizabeth Warren’s Gun Bill

    I work part time at a gun store and I can vouch for the crazy ass sales figures. We've probably sold 4-6 months worth of guns and ammo in the last 3 weeks. Can't keep 9mm, 40, & 45 in stock. we received 30 Glocks last Friday, sold them all on Saturday
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    Spotify playlists

    I'm definitely a classic rock kind of guy. I do like 80's and 90's country, but I totally agree that new country sucks. That being said my son turned me on to "red dirt" country. Check out Turnpike Troubadors radio and Casey Donahew radio. Pretty good stuff. Quite frankly country radio...
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    Still working?

    Me too!! Both have kind of calmed down but I don’t see an end in sight