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    Coues deer fun

    Nice looking bucks, congratulations!
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    Family from Gilbert, AZ

    Welcome aboard. When she's old enough (10, with hunter's safety class I believe) apply her for all the youth hunts you can. you'll have a blast
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    Traeger Virgin

    Great idea! Thank you
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    Sitka gun sling vs Kifaru gun bearer

    chalk up another fan of the gun bearer. so simple.
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    KHunter AZ archery Elk 2019

    living vicariously right now
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    KHunter AZ archery Elk 2019

    good luck!!
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    NV Antelope with Big Fin

    Congratulations, that’s a gorgeous buck
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    Wall tent Pros/Cons

    I have Montana Canvas 12x17. Perfect for 3 people. I use outdoor carpeting from Home Depot for the floor. If the weather is gonna be bad we even have enough room to move the cooking set up inside. I don't use it on every hunt. I will be using it in December for a late muley hunt. one...
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    Join RMEF, Get a Gerber Vital

    renewed my membership a week ago Thursday, gerber vital arrived today
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    Good youth rifles. What do y'all recommend?

    I bought my son a Weatherby Vanguard youth model in 243. It came with an adult sized stock for when he outgrew the youth stock. This was 13 years ago so I don't even know if it is still manufactured. It has served him well.
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    Why my pack sucks: Kifaru, Stone Glacier, Exo, Seek, Mystery Ranch, Kuiu, etc.

    Eberlestock Team Elk. Not enough adjustability. Loads don’t stay close to your back
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    Arizona big game super raffle

    Can't wait to get all that new Swarovski goodies.........
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    AZ leftover tags

    My son was able to score a tag for the Thanksgiving weekend hunt
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    AZ leftover tags

    AZGFD has posted the leftover tag list. The numbers get smaller every year. Thank goodness I was drawn for my first choice. I'm gonna have to come up with a new backup in the near future...