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    Doe Antelope Run Off Cliff By Off-Leash Dog

    "it's likely the doe was spooked by a dog running off-leash in the area" Things are slow at KTVB7 today.
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    Barnes 140 Grain for Elk?

    I use .270 130 grain soft points and have never lost an elk. You’ll be fine.
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    WY unit 32

    Plenty of access. Plenty of Animals. Moderate pressure. Weather can be brutal at times, even in October.
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    WY Governor Wants To Purchase a Million Acres of Checkerboard Land

    Oops... I should have read through the threads before posting. First thread here:
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    Advice for bringing a first timer-WY

    Another vote for Saratoga here.
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    Hunting conspiracy theories

    Wyoming G&F changed the NR draw date so they can make more on the interest on the money they hold.
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    Marriage advice for a newbie

    You're overthinking this. Just say, "It's application time for my big game tags. It'll cost around X total." Then let her determine where the conversation goes from there. Listen more than you speak.
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    Where should my 2020 hunting trip be?

    Denver isn’t far from Wyoming. You could apply for a WY general tag and hunt CO OTC if you don’t draw.
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    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    My first animal harvest of 2020. This cow was as big as a young bull, a true “meat cow.”
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    Tell us about your elk failures

    This past weekend I left elk to find elk. I let the Wyoming wind get into my head. I deserve to eat tag soup, but hopefully the elk gods will have mercy on me this weekend.
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    If you could go back to age 25

    I'd get married and start a family. That's honestly the best use of my time. I'd get a bird dog, too.
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    Wyoming opener, Moon and crowds...UPDATED with success pictures!

    Congrats on the awesome hunt!
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    Wyoming Harvest Data collection

    Acrobatics huh? A survey from a random sample of hunters is more reliable than a landowner coupon. That’s beginner level statistics. A hunter can give a landowner the coupon without ever having harvested an animal.
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    Wyoming Harvest Data collection
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    Christmas celebration, Christmas tree, Christmas decorations

    1. We use a fake tree. If I'm going to be in the woods, I want to be chasing game. 2. We make ornaments occasionally, but it's not an annual tradition. We collect ornaments, and by "we" I mean my wife. 3. There's no Christmas without Jesus! 4. We decorate some years. It just depends on how...