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    Late September Dusky Grouse Colorado

    When e-scouting grouse spots, I look for fairly steep berry-covered hillsides and spruce or aspens BELOW for grouse to fly DOWN to escape predators. Without exception, the crops of the grouse I've killed have been full of snow berries, juniper berries, and creeping barberries as well as leaves...
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    Grouse Season is Almost Here

    What was going to be a sage grouse hunt turned into a dusky grouse hunt. Bagged a brace with my Brittany and brother in Colorado and turned the birds into a couple of fine camp meals.
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    Grouse Season is Almost Here

    I went on an elk hunt with a friend and came home with a limit of duskies. We were leaving the area when I noticed a grouse tail feather in the middle of the trail. Minutes later we bumped four. I had no weapon and he only had broadheads. We hiked back to the truck then drove back to camp to get...
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    Join the closest NAVHDA chapter and go to the training days. You will likely meet some other pudelpointer owners as they're one of the more popular breeds in NAVHDA.
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    Clear the freezer challenge (need recipes)

    Throw anything in the crockpot for several hours. Then drench it in bbq sauce and throw it on a toasted bun with cheddar cheese, dill pickle, and sliced onion. Nothing fancy.
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    Grouse Season is Almost Here

    Also, sage grouse season hasn’t started yet, at least not in CO and WY. In other news my hunt was less than stellar. My pup has a single dusky contact in the morning. We found a mess of sharptails in the evening, but they were all right by the roads and flushed before I could get the dog out...
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    Elk packouts

    2.5 miles
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    AR 15 and 10 type rifles

    If you listed all the things that kill people in the US and ranked them in descending order, AR-15's are so far down the list, they wouldn't warrant a single sentence in any major printed news source. Sensationalism sells. Look up the stats on deaths due to medical errors. That's what should...
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    WY Type 7 for Unit 9 & 10... advice, tips, and pointers.

    No need to bow hunt if you don't want to. Rifle season is in September too.
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    Small Game opportunities around Craig in Sept

    ...and also sharptails thru the 15th.
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    Small Game opportunities around Craig in Sept

    You don't need a dog. I've never hunted sage grouse in CO, but in WY, you can drive BLM roads in mornings and evenings until you find grouse. The closer you are to water the better. It's more fun with a dog, but being dogless is not a handicap IMO.
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    How much gun is too much?

    There are guys who hunt with a lot more gun than that. You’ll be fine.
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    CO Sage Grouse

    I plan on hunting the CO sage grouse opener in the Walden area. Is it worth the extra drive to go to NW CO instead? In WY, I wouldn't drive past Saratoga to go to Rock Springs.
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    Never Duck Hunted

    I'm just curious to see if those who don't like ducks also don't like sharptails. To me, a medium rare sharptail breast is right up there with elk tenderloin and antelope backstrap.