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Recent content by JShane

  1. J

    Too many hunting interests?

    you hush your mouth. who planted this negativity in your life. :D
  2. J

    Looking for a bird knife

    does that hook really work for pulling the innards?
  3. J

    Its finally here, teal season

    Only saw a few birds to begin with. ill see how it goes Wednesday. We are getting the first bit of what we call cool weather Monday and Tuesday
  4. J

    Its finally here, teal season

    Well I got some misses out of the way yesterday for sure. I didn't cut a feather. It was in the low 90's by midmorning.
  5. J

    Its finally here, teal season

    Teal opener for us starts tomorrow. I've about made myself sick living vicariously through all of y'all. Dear God help me not to whiff on the first bird of the season. :ROFLMAO:
  6. J

    Hunting season preparations, what did you do today?

    building "ghillie suits" for two kayaks today. Its time to murder some teal and wood ducks in the face.
  7. J

    Breaking Game Laws THEN Uploading It To YouTube?

    simple mistake being handled the right way by men of character. Thank you for the demonstration in humility and honor. Time permitted I have no doubt the issue would have been discovered by Mr. Newberg or Mr. Hockett (I ain't met them personally yet and my ancestors would come out of the grave...
  8. J

    Slow morning

    nice work. good looking pup you got there. singles and pairs draws out the hunt and extends the morning gotta love it
  9. J

    Seeth's 2020 Hunting Log

    Nice work.
  10. J

    Comeback season!

    What Mr. Cushman said. sorry to hear that
  11. J

    Nevada Antelope Down

    That cutting board picture is where its at. Congrats
  12. J

    Seeth's 2020 Hunting Log

    Yes, its brutal to watch. 1 was a near full plumage mature drake already and 2 immature drakes
  13. J

    Seeth's 2020 Hunting Log

    oh man to have to sit and watch woodies cruise by would eat me alive. I'd have gone o for 3 on the teal after that
  14. J

    What's your non-popper dove recipe?

    Maybe add a sauce to your method for dipping or to drizzle over the birds when they come off the grill. Say a Bourbon butter sauce or if you like strong cheese a gorgonzola butter sauce.