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    Pretty & Classy rifles. Lets see them!

    Yes sir, right hand palm swell fits beautifully in these mits.
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    Pretty & Classy rifles. Lets see them!

    Special run of Browning X-bolts with French Walnut with a matte finish topped with a Meopta scope. 270 caliber. I just fell in love with it the first time I saw it.
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    Another Bino Opinion Thread

    I have the Meoptas and I love the glass but I'm not a big fan of the lens caps teathered to the binoculars. They are loose and tend to come off easy. I really like Leupold scopes but I'm not a fan of their binos. For some reason I get a lot of glare looking through them. But everyone's eyes...
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    Looking for recommendations on duck calls.

    I went with a Zink ATM Green Machine and a Duck Commander wood duck call. I have an Echo poly timber call and although I like the sound, the reeds stick for me quite often.
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    Looking for recommendations on duck calls.

    While I am more of a bow hunter/upland game hunter, I've gotten to be good friends with an avid duck hunter. He wants me to tag along with him this year. I am looking at getting a new call and would like some call recommendations. This will be pot-hole, marsh hunting...not big open water. I...
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    Stuff my Hunting dog ATE.

    2 four inch razor blades. That was a 1700 dollar trip to emergency surgery.
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    Some broken hearts never mend.......

    My brother in law has been my hunting buddy for the past 18 years. We are from Wisconsin and we are lucky enough to hunt private land. In fact, this year will be my dad's and uncle's 50th year on our land. We have about 350 acres. I know that doesn't sound like much to you western guys, but...
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    You pick your top ten endorsements...what would they be?

    I'm a Sconi guy. Go Bucks, Badgers, Packers, and Brew Crew!
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    You pick your top ten endorsements...what would they be?

    You have earned celebrity status in the outdoor industry. For your accomplishments, you get to be endorsed by 10 and only 10 products that you strongly believe in. Which 10 outdoor companies do you feel strongly enough to use and endorse exclusively? I'll go first in no particular order: 1...
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    Dove Decoys - yes or no

    I use the Mojo's all the time. I've not only had dove come in but teal and mallards as well.
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    Worst thing to happen to your rifle while hunting

    Worst thing that's ever happened to my rifle is lack of the trigger being pulled due to no deer sightings.
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    A Hmmmm, Why question.

    I don't know what shells you guys are using in your 16 gauge, but I don't notice any more recoil than my 12 gauges. I use my 16 gauge when pheasant hunting and I think the recoil is very manageable and there is no recoil pad on it.
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    A Hmmmm, Why question.

    This is also true. I have a Citori Gran Lightning in 16 gauge it's got some of the nicest wood I've seen on a gun. One of my favorites.
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    A Hmmmm, Why question.

    One of the main reasons for it's popularity decrease is there are no registered events for the 16 gauge. The 12, 20, 28, and 410 all have rules in the nsca. The 16 doesn' doesn't qualify as a sub gauge so if you want to shoot a 16 you would be shooting against 12 gauges which is...