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    DIY Fall Black Bear-Where to go?

    I had the same experience but in a unit with tags available in the second draw. If I were to do it again, I would do a little more research and watch the leftover list to try to get a better unit.
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    Where does your state and county rank?

    Couldn't get it to work for me but I'm sure we're getting F's here. I went to my in-laws property this past weekend and the traffic seemed to be 95% of normal. Also our stay at home order had a LOT of exceptions.
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    Mushroom hunting

    I am hearing that they are finding some just a little south of my area. It's a few weeks earlier than normal and I'm hoping that translates into a longer season.
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    Guy On A Buffalo

    I can't say the words "guy on a buffalo" without singing it like the clips.
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    Great American Outdoors Act

    I hate it when they send responses that leave out information to suit their viewpoint. One response I received on a different subject mentioned a study to tell me how it was better for federal land to be private due to helping unemployment. I was able to look up the study and counter his point...
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    Great American Outdoors Act

    I should say I'm not completely ignorant of the situation, I understand how the LWCF works. If I'm reading the 2nd paragraph in the article is sounds like they are expanding the Restore our Parks Act, without allocating more funding. Or is that incorrect? I would love nothing more than to...
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    Great American Outdoors Act

    Yep. I feel like he's voted no on other bills that were going to pass just so he could say he did.
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    Great American Outdoors Act

    Does anybody know where the funding will come from to pay for this? I'm working to come up with a response to my senator who said the following: "However, I was elected to the Senate partly due to my concern over our national debt and annual deficits. My concerns about spending have...
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    Turkey sights/scope

    I use a red dot on mine. But not knowing what his issue is, I would make sure the sight is appropriate for his older eyes. I remember reading somewhere that having astigmatism can affect how you see a red dot. Don't know if other conditions can also affect how the sight picture looks.
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    Offseason favorite Roadkill

    I will do it if I see it get hit or know it's fresh. I've been averaging one a year for the last few years. I hit a whitetail one year and just a very small amount was bruised. Also picked up a rabbit once. I figured it was fresh since it was snowing and the rabbit wasn't covered. I stopped...
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    Corona virus

    If I get a fever and start hacking up stuff I will just stay home from work for a few days. Probably won't even go to the doctor to be diagnosed.
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    Deer vs vehicle thread.

    I've been lucky to only have hit one deer in 20 years. Her head bounced off of my front driver's rim and butt swung around and caved in my door. That back ham was a little bruised but I was able to salvage 95% of the meat. A couple of months ago I watched a guy in front of me take out a small...
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    113 Wyoming elk

    It's been a few years so I forgot that detail.
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    113 Wyoming elk

    And last time I looked into it, there weren't even enough tags to trickle down to NRs.
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    What truck will BigFin purchase?

    When I was looking into trucks a few years ago the Raptor was my second choice. But I couldn't get that stereotype out of my head which made it feel like I was trying to be younger by buying it.