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    New Mexico Pronghorn - NR Unguided

    So if I read this right, if a unit has less than 17 tags available, non residents need not apply due to the odds? thanks
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    Wyoming Pronghorn rifle hunt 2020

    Sent you a msg.
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    Thanks to Hunt Talk and Advice for First Timers Hunting Wyoming Pronghorn

    Awesome story and success. Great write up also.
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    Gerber Gator gut hook fixed blade

    Gator Premium Gut hook $133. Gator Gut Hook $53. Is the premium worth the extra $80?
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    Wyoming Pronghorn rifle hunt 2020

    Don't know if I'm late to the game or not but I'll put this out here anyway. Got the Wyoming bug also that I even bought a preference point. I would like to do a public I live on the Texas Gulf Coast and would like to see if there are any Texans going that would mind another hunter in the group...
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    Another great trip

    Looks like y'all had a heck of a trip. Congrats on the pronghorn.
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    First time Wyoming antelope advice

    Man that is great that you got it done, congrats! Just bought a preference point to try to improve my odds maybe. I've got a lope hunt in Wyoming on my radar screen for 2020, so the research has begun. Got my brother talked into it also.
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    New Mexico Elk Gear List...prologue

    Go get 'em.
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    FS: Howa Alpine 243

    Sure wish it was a .308. Someone will get a good deal.
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    What's your elk rifle and cartridge?

    Winchester .308., Nikon Prostaff 5. 165 gr Accubond
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    WTB: Garmin Inreach Explorer+

    title says it all.
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    Preference/Bonus points Montana

    Guess my son and I were the lucky ones. We drew a combo tag with no points last year in Montana. Wyoming 2020 and I Have 4 points. if you don't buy a point in Wyoming every other year, you lose the ones you have. They send you a friendly reminder. There is money to be made from the NR.
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    Yes. It's all about the meat.
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    NM non-resident application question....

    Yes, and the $65 "non-refundable license" that you have to buy, whether you draw or not. Nope. "
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    light tripod for spotting scope, binos, shooting

    Now that one, is not breaking the bank. thanks