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    Canadian Wild Pig Invasion

    Here's what's coming yalls way. This big ole boar was 400 lbs.
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    Texas here...

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    Canadian Wild Pig Invasion

    Down here in Texas, a sow will have a litter of 8, and 12 of them will survive.:oops:
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    Recent decline in deer populations.
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    14' Gator Caught in Georgia
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    Entry level recurve

    This is the 64" Samick Journey imported under a different name. It is exactly the same bow though and the limbs are interchangeable. You can also use Samick Sage limbs on the riser to make a shorter bow if you like. Southwest Archery Spyder XL
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    Recent decline in deer populations.

    I just read an article on how the deer populations in the U.S. are on a general decline, particularly in the west. I was unaware that the decline was this steep. Here in Texas, the deer populations, whitetail and mule deer, are doing pretty good thanks to some timely rains. A lot of other places...
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    As they lay

    Here's a few from Texas. All public land.
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    TX Public Youth Hunt and Hog Rec...

    If you can swing it, the Powderhorn is well worth the trip. It is one of the hardest to draw for sure. There are not only some real cool free range exotics and hogs, but there are some monster whitetail as well. The only problem would be, once your son hunts the Powderhorn, he will be spoiled...
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    Wearing black camo?

    I used one of these last year and got inside 100 yards of an antelope easy. The dang thing works as long as the wind isn't blowing too hard.
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    Escape and Evasion

    "Yea, just turn left 7 miles before you get to the dead end. After awhile, you'll see a windmill. Ignore it. Eventually you'll go by old Smitty's place. Now let me tell you about Smitty. He was a serious leg hound back in the day. I remember the one time he was chasing Betty Loo, or was it...
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    Escape and Evasion

    Any information that I give out is very likely to be suspect. It's all just part of the game.
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    Clear the freezer challenge (need recipes)

    You've gotta do a pot or two of gumbo, especially with some of that andoulli thrown in there.
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    Living with mule deer

    I saw it and I thought it was very interesting. And no, I didn't see them ragging on hunters.
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    Texas Tech vs. Montana State

    Rough day for the Cats. Bwahaha!