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    Favorite style/type of fishing and favorite place to do it ?

    Wading into the warm Gulf water at daybreak and catching specks, redfish, and blacktips is one of the greatest outdoor experiences that can be had. I have to remind myself sometimes to not take it for granted and let the saltwater cleanse my soul.
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    Thinking of moving back, Harley

    Because most of Colorado is really just north Texas. :giggle:
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    Massive 488 pound feral hog shot, killed in Texas
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    Massive 488 pound feral hog shot, killed in Texas
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    First beaver

    Even when they are bad, they are still pretty good. :)
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    Off season fitness

    I work in a chemical plant. As part of my everyday duties and routines, I ruck a pack full of tools and water bottles about 45 to 50 lbs up and down ladders and stairs. I usually cover several miles per day, mostly up and down. On the weekends, I mow grass (year around this far south), dig in...
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    My new smokepole

    Just ran across this one on Track of the Wolf.
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    My new smokepole

    I don't know. It came with it. When I was a teen, I did leather craft as a hobby. Looking at it, it looks real simple to make with shears and a hole punch.
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    My new smokepole

    I just ran across this at an estate sale. 54 cal TC Hawken. Other than some minor handling marks, it's perfect. I'm not sure if it's ever been fired. The nipple looks new and there is absolutely no carbon underneath it. The barrel was dusty but a dry patch wipe removed some old lube and dust...
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    Texas pig hunting

    Are you looking for a private or public land hunt? For the cost of a NR licence and a $48 Annual Public Hunting permit, you can camp and hunt several public land areas that are covered in hogs.
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    Outdoors Career

    I spent a lot of time outdoors in the Marine Corps. Not all MOS's do though.
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    NEF Handi Rifle

    They aren't too bad. Very reliable, not a great trigger. My son has one in .308 and he really likes it. Shoots about inch or inch and a half at 100 yards with a Nikon Buckmaster scope. They are light so the recoil with the stock pad can be stiff, but a Limbsaver takes it nicely. One thing that...
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    Hmmm......I might have to try that.