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    Lesson learned.

    I learned many years ago when you "share" your favorite hunting places, they become other's favorite places and you've got nobody to blame but yourself. You gotta be mindful of who you share with as seriously well over 90% of people truly suck when it comes to that ..
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    Dose any know

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    Eastern Montana towns to avoid

    I graduated from Froid HS in 1986. You?
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    What if I never....

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    Whatever happened to...…?

    Moooosie! Those were the days. Good to see you post here.
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    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    Had you seen me piss down my leg and shoot two bullets over his back while he stood completely still at under 100 yards, you'd rethink your investment idea.
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    KHunter Colo last minute opportunity hunt

    Wow. Big Bull Stout. Congrats.
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    Montana Mule Deer District 270

    maybe 150s.
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    R7 mule b tags

    Prairie dog hunting. Makes way more sense.
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    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    Lots of emotion around this one but no “story” for here. A great day of elk hunting.
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    R7 mule b tags

    Hopefully you realize I was being sarcastic.
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    Utah's Spyder bull past history?

    sounds to me like sour grapes and conspiracy theorists united..
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    Significance of Photography in Hunting

    Buckslayers take selfies. 🙂
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    I'm 20 years old. What's your excuse?

    is that the crew that had that little bear on a burn pile?
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    2019 WY Sheep

    Great read and how those hunts are supposed to go. Congrats on a fine bighorn sheep!