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    Shouldn’t Have Done That

    The first seven or eight years I worked for the Forest Service I worked with a guy named Clyde. He told me that the government gave us a 4 wheel drive truck with a wench, two sets of chains, a high lift jack, tow chains and a block and tackle with extra cables. So they must intend for us to use...
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    Shortest recovery distance EVER.

    Shot a buck in the back of the neck at less than 10 feet. Dropped in his tracks. It was actually a tough shot, trying to aim through a scope.
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    Got snow?

    We had something they call a Bomb Cyclone move in last night. That’s when the barometric pressure drops real fast rapidly intensifying a storm. The local news people always get real exited with any weather and pretty much always take the “WE’RE ALL GUNNA DIE” attitude so you can imagine how they...
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    6th times a charm?

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery from here too.
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    30 06 for elk and the ilk

    MY first thought when ever it comes to comparing one gun to another is "Dead is dead."
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    Funny Stories w/ Dad(or uncle or grandpa or aka your hunting mentor)

    This happened after I was all grown up. We were hunting chukers over my GSP Jake. Jake froze into a rock solid point and my dad started in real slow. The bird wasn't in front of the dog like my dad thought but rather was a little off to the side of Jake. That bird held until my dad damn near...
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    Vasectomy vs Sheep Tag

    kind of hard to compare the odds considering you probably test that vasectomy a little more often than you apply for a sheep tag. You do right? Not one of those only on your birthday situations I hope.
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    Butchered my first deer

    It does get easier. I cut as much as I can into meal sized chunks then when I take them out of the freezer I cut it down to what ever I have planned for the meal. Pretty much everything that is too small for a meal sized chunk is put through the grinder. Maybe a little stew meat. As many have...
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    Hunter threatened after using onX

    Surveying public land boundaries I ran into probably a hundred landowners who insisted they owned land they didn't. The most common excuse was " The realtor told me my property went all the way up to the ridge." I was verbally threatened several times and threatened with a gun three times (never...
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    Ever get robbed on a hunt or traveling to and from a hunt

    Back when I was young and poor I packed all my camping gear into the canopy on my pickup one night so I could get an early start hunting in the morning. Someone broke out the side window and took everything they could drag through the window. fortunately I kept my hunting gear in the house. They...
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    Be careful where you plant your butt to glass!

    Never understood the dislike for black widows. They are one of the most plentiful spiders we have around here. Any day in the summer I can go outside my house and round up at least five or six and quite often I don't even have to go outside to find one. Never have been a problem. Every now an...
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    Halloween is over

    Somehow It's just more fun
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    Shooting an Intruder

    My wife might get pissed off and shoot some holes in the wall but not likely to hit the intruder. If he or she seemed to be a threat to me or my family I would have to shoot them, even though I would hate to do that. If they were just stealing stuff probably not but I would try to chase them...
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    Pet Peeves

    So you're the guy! Speaking as a retired Forest Service surveyor.
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    Significance of Photography in Hunting

    Most of my life I never took pictures while hunting but I don't know how many times I said to myself "Damn, I wish I had a camera right now." Now I am never in the woods without a camera of some kind. Not so much for grip and grin photos (I do take those, just not very good most of the time.)...