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    Why do you need a tag to hunt?

    You are preaching to the choir, I doubt there are very any on this forum that allow the fact that they didn't draw a tag let it diminish their enjoyment of the outdoors.
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    Transport From Oklahoma to Oregon.

    The way I read the regulations you can't bring the skull back into Oregon, Just the cleaned antler plate. Be sure and read the regulations on importing meat and parts and maybe call ODFW just to double check.
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    Berry ID?

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    Berry ID?

    Oregon grape for sure. "those in the picture aren't ripe" They are a bit sour when ripe but once you get past the pucker they are rather refreshing. They make a great jelly too.
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    Where do deer poop?

    In the woods, along with the bears.
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    Misc Archery Questions

    Both eyes open At least a dozen I like a bow mount quiver with four broadheads and one judo point for the wabbits and grouse and such I don't know nutten about no jugs Your not allowed to be a traditional archer if your on Instagram, nope aint gunna happen.
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    Sports Teams / Name change

    In a lot of cases it's hard to figure out what the insult is supposed to be. Naming a team after a Native American tribe seems more like an honor than something derogatory but what do I know? In the case of the Red Skins though, the term Red skin has always been a derogatory term meant to...
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    Please delete my password

    I always find it a little humorous when someone decides to leave a forum then starts a new thread just to tell everyone that they have had enough and that they're going to pull up their pants and go home. I guess they feel it is the only way they get the last word in. Something tells me however...
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    Plantar Fasciitis

    The last time I had it I was able to get rid of it with a lot of stretching and some really good arch supports. It took about a month. The arch supports took care of the pain I was having in my hip as well. "Its hard to be happy if your feet hurt"
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    What the Hell is this ??? We need Help .......

    Seriously though, you really should send those pictures to an ODFW biologist or a biologist a Oregon State. It's just too weird.
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    What the Hell is this ??? We need Help .......

    The front end does look like a baleen whale of some kind but whales have dorsal fins and don't have rear flippers and a long tail. So obviously it is a cross between a whale and an otter. What else could it be?
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    Is there a minimum or maximum size requirement?

    Maximum - Just enough to cover your personal dementions Minimum- see maximum. So if the hide in the picture qualifies as either, I am seriously impressed. :oops:
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    What is "fair" chase?

    I can't buy the "If it's legal it's fair chase" idea. It is legal for a game farmer to tie a trophy animal to a post so that a customer can shoot it. That aint fair chase, I don't care who you are. The term "fair chase" came out of the rules of organizations like Boon and Crockett and didn't...
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    Raising some coturnix

    I had a friend that raised them. They were easy to care for and very prolific. Very tasty too. He would pickle some of the eggs for a nice bite size treat.
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    Your Favorite Hand-Me-Down

    I've got my dads rem.722 .300sav I rarely hunt with a rifle but when I do, that's the gun I use. I've got his old hunting knife. I don't use it but I love having it. And I have all his old outdoor books in a bookshelf/gunrack he built. Not the best wood working but I can't imagine a better one.