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    Browning X-Bolt Stock Paint & Cerakote

    That’s really nice looking!
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    First bear!

    Congrats on a nice bear! Great story, especially for being your first bear!
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    Online ammo

    try lucky
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    Gunwerks Trouble?

    This is fake news. If you go over to, there is an article, where Aaron Davidson explains what's happened and that it's been cleared up already. Like I've always told my kids, there is always to sides to every...
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    Glock, 40sw in a 10mm

    No way, never shoot 40S&W in a 10mm barrel. That's asking for trouble. Also I wouldn't go as far as saying the 40S&W is dying either, if it was truly dying, ammunition manufacturers wouldn't be coming out with new ammo for it, they may be reducing production due to less demand, but that's about...
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    .277 Fury

    I wouldn't consider a Sig Cross a hunting rifle, because it's a chassis style build and it doesn't have a beautiful wood stock and or any synthetic version of one. I for one don't find anything aesthetically appealing about the chassis style, to me it's just plain ugly! But if Kimber were to...
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    Sons First Elk Rifle - Poll

    Between the 2 calibers, I voted and would choose the 7mm-08, because I think it's a better hunting cartridge for elk. Good luck to your son with whatever the both of you choose.
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    Browning X-bolt Pro in 28 Nosler???

    I own an X-Bolt, but not in 28 Nosler, and I like it a lot! Very accurate with a couple of different brands of factory ammo. As for the X-Bolt in 28 Nosler, from what I've seen, you've made a good choice. A friend of mine owns one, ( allegedly, only because I've never actually seen it), and has...
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    .277 Fury

    There isn't really to much out there on the cartridge, I do find it interesting, but my thoughts are from what I've seen and read, the ammo if released as full production, would probably cost a lot more, being that the brass is actually a 2 piece design in conjunction with stainless steel being...
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    Mental cues

    Pick a spot, and follow thru, calm yourself, don't rush the shot but make it quick. Honestly, the last 2 bucks I harvested, all I had time to do was, pick my spot, made sure all the pins were on the body and release the arrow! Both bucks when recovered had good hits in the engine room and went...
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    Remington 700 Build

    That's pretty cool, thanks for sharing.
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    Which would you choose?

    I narrowed down my 2 choices for a bino pack to either the AGC Classic Max or the Badlands XR. I’m not interested in any other kind, which would you choose. Why? Thanks.
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    New bowhunter

    There is a lot of great advice here. I would also suggest going to your local Archery shop and ask questions and get your set-up, you don't need to go crazy and spend a ton of money, when I started out, my bow was used, I think I spent $250 bucks back then, and it harvested animals for me...
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    When testing new hunting loads how many rounds of each load?

    I do 5 shot strings. I feel it tells a better story than a 3 shot string. I also clean the barrel between each session.
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    .270 Win vs 30-06 Sprinfield (Debate)

    I own rifles in both calibers, both are very accurate and reliable. I like the fact that with my 270, I don't have to search for loads, I use a 130gr. Barnes TTSX for everything, and never had issue or felt undergunned. As for my 30-06, I like it's versatility with different weight bullets, but...