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    Idaho Unit 52A for deer

    Kinda cool country - the lava flows and such. Scouted it a couple of years ago. My plan was to sit on a tall hill and glass. Never did. Going whitetailin this Nov., and wasn't going to buy 2 tags this year.
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    Northern Idaho whitetails

    Most are open to the public.
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    Idaho elk and deer 2019 season outlook
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    Hunting for a Giant Mountain Whitetail

    Been hunting whitetails in North Idaho since the mid 80's. I'm going north again in November. Idaho still has nr tags left - will sell out within a few weeks.
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    Archery Lopes - Who's going?

    A year later...
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    Road Travel - How to Determine if Road is Accessible While eScouting

    Roads and trails get closed by mother nature often here in Idaho. Carry chains for all 4, many hunts I take a chainsaw.
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    Opening day California Rifle season

    Was planning on being there for the opener - Changing my trip to mid Sept and hunting the last week.
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    Unit 39 elk Idaho

    Excellent hunt with only 25 tags - big unit - bugling bulls! Practice and shoot well...
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    California A zone - Anybody hunt it?

    Any reports?
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    Should be a good year

    Very green here too.
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    2019 Deer Hunting Forecast

    Southern Idaho mule deer - '16-'17 winter was hard on the herd that has been on a long term decline. Lower density herds is what the Idaho farmers/ranchers want so that is how the F&G manages and big fires on many wintering grounds have hurt mature stands of sagebrush. There is logic behind...
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    Hi - Greg Townley here - Drew 42-2 in 2007. Hunted near the Oregon border just north of the...

    Hi - Greg Townley here - Drew 42-2 in 2007. Hunted near the Oregon border just north of the Owyhee river. Lots of sheep there in 2007. Hunted nearly all 16 days. Saw about 80 sheep and 14 rams including 2 bombers. Passed up shots on smaller rams. Had a great hunt for not filling. I...
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    Idaho Sawtooth elk

    Was 4th in line at the vendor.
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    Idaho Sawtooth elk

    Got my B tag again.
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    Opening Day

    If you're closer to the ocean it's cooler. I hunt in the Mendocino NF at 3000' on a large north slope. Afternoon ocean breeze nearly always blows 15-25 mph. A zone runs about 300 miles long along the coast. Hotter further south. Usually stays in to 80's and can get into the 40's for lows...