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    Idaho Antelope Ideas...

    That unlimited archery tag is crap(never do that again) and you have to buy a archery permit to hunt your archery only tag. Better to apply for a rifle or or atleast a LE archery tag so you have some space without hundreds of people. I have hunted this hunt since the early 80's and that is not...
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    Idaho Antelope Ideas...

    Most archery antelope tags are an unlimited draw so it is 100% - however they are not OTC as you must put in for the draw which is tomorrow June 5th. Non res OTC deer and elk tags are available until the quota is sold out, which was early Sept last year. The regs aren't that easy to figure...
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    Idaho Antelope Ideas...

    Go archery - you can hunt it every year and dozens of units to choose from. Deer too. Rifle draws are all 5 - 10% odds for each so you will never get a combo hunt. Cow elk tags can be had easier. I'm doing a combo antelope/deer this season in Sept.
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    Coming from Minnesota, hunt the 28, 21A, 21, 29, 30 country. You will find deer and you can...

    Coming from Minnesota, hunt the 28, 21A, 21, 29, 30 country. You will find deer and you can hunt from 4000' to 10,000' in a variety of habitats. 90% mule deer, a few whitetails at lower elevations.
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    Elk gun for wife

    Buy a made in the USA.
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    California A zone

    Need to go deer hunting... Only a 5 day break between bow and rifle season this year. May come down and hunt the last week of archery and hang around for rifle. Have a nice spot shady spot at 3000' in the Mendocino NF to camp. The afternoon ocean breeze nearly always comes up.
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    Looking for a deprivation cow tag

    Lots of cow elk tags in Idaho, both otc and draws with 50%+ odds. Seasons Aug 1 - Feb 15. Many Aug, Sept depredation hunts. Most units in the state have cow tags sometime during the season. Success varies widely.
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    Would you rather - Trophy solo or Shooter w/buddy

    If I got a tag in my pocket it's solo.
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    California X5A

    Had max points 4 years ago - 2 friends also had max, we debated whether to hunt X5b or G6 - decided on the Dec. rut hunt and hunted G6 which takes 11 or 12 to draw. Had a great hunt in the southern Sequoia NF. In a couple of years I have too decide to cash in my points or go for G6 again...
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    Coues Deer in Southern Arizona

    I've been mearns quail hunting down there, saw deer. Awesome country! Only hunted it in January - February. I've heard the early rifle seasons are hot. Archery in January would be a challenge to harvest. Thought about doing a combo deer/quail hunt.
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    California A zone

    Archery July 11 - Aug 2. Rifle Aug 8 - Sept 20. Shot my bow today...
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    Idaho Sawtooth N/R elk tags go on sale 5/11 at 10 am mt

    I'm a retired forest surveyor. That is some tough cruising. Worked all over the northern rockies in my younger days. In northern Idaho and western Montana the alder thickets and pacific yew can slow you down too.
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    How soon is too soon?

    No goat tag this year...
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    Idaho Public Hunt - First Timer

    Harvest data is 90% + mule deer
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    First time Idaho hunt!

    Rough country - game widely scattered - need horses to increase chances of harvest.