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  • If there is deep snow I expect to hunt above the town off of Genoa Canyon Trail and the canyons around Walley Hot Springs.

    If you have any experience with these areas I'd be interested if you think they're worth looking into or not.

    This is my first archery hunt and I'm excited to hunt near the rut! Appreciate the time.

    Hi DW,

    A few years back I saw you posted on a thread discussing NV 192 archery. I drew the late season this year and had a few questions if you're willing to help out.
    I'm vaguely familiar with Genoa and the amount of deer in the valley there. Do they stick in that area through the winter?

    If there is light snow I plan to hunt south of Kingsbury along the Tahoe Rim Trail toward Heavenly and north toward Genoa peak.
    Hey bud, did your hunt go well? I just drew the 192 early archery tag. Got family in the area but not familiar with those hills yet
    Nice name too!!
    Congrats on the tag! I didn't draw this year. Since mine was late season most of the deer had already moved down the mountains. I would expect early season they would still be up above Genoa. I would check out the area between Kingsbury Grade and Genoa Peak. The archery manager at Scheels also mentioned he had luck going along the Tahoe Rim Trail between Kingsbury and Heavenly Ski Resort. I saw a lot of good bucks.
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