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  • Guy's contact info is Mike Moore - Unit 23 - about 40 miles south of Gillette. I wish I had his phone number but I seem to have misplaced it. Ask the Gillette Chamber of Commerce for the landowner list for trespass hunts and look his number up. There is several Moore's as I remember it, so you might have to try a few of them before you get hooked up with the right guy but it will be worth it if you can reserve a slot.
    One alarming thing I learned was how quick ranchers fill their x # of slots for their ranch for the following season, so you are doing it the right way. Now is the time to get your spot reserved. As of last year, I know this rancher was still allowing right about the lowest hunter per acre density I have heard of. 20-25 guys for his 40,[email protected]+ ranch. Relatively speaking, I know of others who pack in 80-100 guys on 25,[email protected] For this, you pay though. His trespass fees have fluctuated slightly over the past, but always stayed in the $350-450 range. Steep, yes but it's a guaranteed tag and a "guaranteed" decent pronghorn. It might as well be a guided hunt truthfully. In fact, hunting his ranch wasn't hunting at all - it was shopping. Not usually my cup of tea, but a nice change to most of the ball-busting hunts I've done out West and it was certainly nice piggy-backed on to a demanding search for mulies.
    Thanks for the info dihardhunter. Last year we applied for other zones that we did not draw. Had a list of land owners on easy draw zones but after numerous phone calls we came up empty. If you could help me out on a ranch on unit 23 that would be very appreciated. You have no idea how much time ive spent going over maps, draw odds, state land, and BLM land. Any help would be awsome.
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