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  • I'm up in Mooresville. I've seen a few of us Carolina guys on here. I'm originally a flat land whitetail hunter from Indiana, but have been here going on 12 years and love it.....even if the whitetails are a bit smaller than back in the corn fields. Are you heading out west this year? I'm going archery elk in Colorado in a few weeks out on the Grand Mesa. Will be my fourth time and I learn so much each trip. I'm hoping to get the job done, but even if I don't, it is always one of the highlights of my year. I've drove out there twice from here. After flying last year and renting a truck for cheap, won't be doing that again!
    First time I'd noticed your moniker and where you're from. We have a scattering of members in the area; two from the Charlotte area and I'm just west across the river from Clt. A belated welcome to the forum. RT
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