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    Bino Rankings

    Not that you asked, but I would just go with a 10x42 in a Zeiss or Swaro (you can pick up some used in your price range) and not worry about it anymore. 12x + powers are too heavy, too hard to steady in the wind, and in my experience don't provide much beyond the 10x. In addition, if you're...
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    First Rifle

    I was 12--and I had to pay for half of it. (Of course I shot my Dad's guns before that, but none were mine.) I now have three boys (ages 6, 8, and 10) and they've had a Chipmunk to share for the past three years. My oldest saved up enough money last year to buy his half of a .22, so he got his...
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    Questions before booking a Caribou hunt

    I hunted the north slope for caribou in 2017. I rented a 4x4 F150 from GoNorth in Fairbanks to drive to Happy Valley. If I were to go up there again, that's what I would do...driving the haul road was one of the highlights of the trip!!
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    WY Draw Results

    Nothing for me :(
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    Savage Model 1895 restore

    I did look at this. Unfortunately, they've discontinued it and do not even have the moulds for it anymore.
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    Savage Model 1895 restore

    I have a Savage Model 1895 in a 303 savage that originally was purchased by my great, great grandfather. Somewhere in the past 125 years, the stock and forend have been replaced with some junky wood that doesn't match (the butt is walnut and the forend is oak). Does anyone know how I could find...
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    New WY Member

    Welcome...I hope you enjoy Wyoming!!
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    10x42 versus 12x50

    Like others have said, unless it's dead calm you're going to struggle to get the most out of your 12x50s without a tripod (my Dad tried using them out in the red desert for a few years, but gave up on them because they were too hard to hold steady). I use 10x42 and have never found that I needed...
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    .270 or larger?

    I killed my first elk with a 270. Just make sure you get a good bonded don't want to try to punch through an elk shoulder with a ballistic tip. Also at 300 yards the difference between a 270 and 30-06 is almost nonexistent due to the better BC of the 270. The 30-06 will hit a little...
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    Good mule deer?

    It's a shooter in my book. But I'm skeptical that he's going to be in that area during deer season. There are some places where deer reside year-round, but in general, where deer drop their antlers in the winter won't be where they are during the fall season.
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    Applying kids for preference/bonus points.

    In most states, the kids have to be at or above the minimum hunting age to build points. So realistically there's probably not much for you to do as far as points for another 8 years or so.
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    New from southern WY

    Welcome from another Laradise dweller!
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    Deer - lets see em

    My oldest son (age 9) and I drove down to Texas on New Year's for a special youth-only hunt. He ended up getting his first deer on 1/3/2020. He made a great double lung shot from 130 yards with a 223 shooting 75 gr Scirocco IIs. I'm pretty sure I'm prouder than he is!
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    Boot Gaiters

    I have Kuiu's but they are too small for my calves. I switched to the Kenetreks for the past three years and have really liked them--no issues for me.
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    Big game cal.

    Of the two options you gave, it's the 300 WM if your "all-around" includes elk and up. If it doesn't, then it's the 308. (Of course, other cartridges can kill just fine, but you asked for the BEST all-around between the two.)