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    Sighting in new bow..10-20 yards

    I found that I couldn't get 20 and 30 yard pins close enough together with my bow. Now I shoot pins at 25, 40, 50, 60, 70. For hunting this works fine--if I'm close, I can adujust an inch or two on the fly. I shoot a Matthews Chill R, 29" draw, 70 lbs, ~400 grain arrows.
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    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    Yesterday's bull at the tail end of shooting light. National forest with a general tag in WY!!
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    Talk me out of bumping elk!

    I personally would encourage you to walk--find a good game trail, keep the wind in your face, and be ready for a quick shot. I love glassing, but some elk country is just not very conducive to it. I think you don't see much video of these timber hunts because it would be very hard to do with a...
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    Wyoming unit 12 late season cow elk

    I have that tag and live 1 1/2 hours from the area and I wouldn't even burn one day of the weekend trying it. I would be floored if you can get permission to hunt the private mixed with the checkerboard. Generally, I just use the tag as a bonus tag in the NF during the general season, but I will...
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    Unit 23 & snow

    The wind can govern this somewhat, but I'm not expecting significant closures from this little storm.
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    Antelope...Lets See Them!!!

    We had a fun family Saturday in south-central Wyoming. My wife and I both tagged out with clean 1-shot kills!
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    Compare Swarvoski SLC 10X42 binos with ??

    I don't recall...I did this in 2014.
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    Compare Swarvoski SLC 10X42 binos with ??

    I bought the SLCs 10x42, Zeiss Victory T* FL 10x42, Nikon Monarch 7 8x42, and the Vortex Viper HD 10x42 all at the same time and spent a little over a month off and on in the field under varying light conditions. The Vortex was okay, but clearly not as good as the other three. The Zeiss and...
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    Black bear off my porch (SE WY)

    Last night my wife and I were sitting on the porch watching a doe mulie with twin fawns. The deer bolted suddenly, so we looked around to see why. A few hundred yards off the porch was a sow black bear with twin cubs up a tree. The cubs climbed down and my wife took this video through the...
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    Late Wyoming Elk Hunt

    The bolded part is the direct quote from the G&F after receiving an opinion from the AG. I'm not sure what you're disagreeing says that corner jumping may not violate the G&F trespass statute (it doesn't if you're not intending to hunt on private), which is what you were saying. It...
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    Late Wyoming Elk Hunt

    I think there's a functional answer and a technical answer. Functionally, you "might" still get cited by a LEO, but it might not hold up in court--so technically it could be legal. I think BuzzH is right--a warden might wouldn't write you a ticket. Here's WY G&F stance on it...
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    1st time Elk Hunt

    Windlaker, You have pretty long odds for a cow tag in Area 21 -- this year it was 9.4%. Limited quota means just that--there is a limited number of tags for the specific area. In the case you're asking about, there are exactly 200 cow tags given out, 16 of which are allocated to nonresidents...
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    AK Caribou tags

    wllm1313 is correct, at least as far as the currently posted regs show ( Scroll down to p. 3 and look at Unit 26B remainder--you'll see that only...
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    What else to do in WY?

    If you're hunting antelope, you'll probably be in some good coyote country. If you wanted to stick around that area, you could call coyotes. But I second what LCH said too: move camp to a national forest and scout and fish the mountain lakes. If your just hunting antelope, I would guess you'll...
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    Wyoming Easement Question.

    Ditto what some folks above have said about the prudence of what you're doing, apart from the legality. But I'm still unclear on a few things: (1) I don't understand why you haven't gone to the county courthouse to pull ALL the recorded documents on the property (e.g. sales, liens, easements...