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    What would a brand new howa alpine be worth?

    Won mine on here in 2016, well actually I upgraded to the Alpine in 6.5 CM, thanks Randy. Sweet packing rifle, shoots good and kills big Wyoming bull elk. Better buy it, get the .308.
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    Changing caliber on a classic gun

    To keep the looks, you could have it rebored by JES, but would have to go larger, 338-06 or 35 Whelen.
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    Accuracy advantages of lead free bullets?

    The only rounds I crimp are handgun. I just rely on neck tension and have at least a caliber in the neck. Don't be afraid to seat the Barnes .125 from the lands, they definitely like the jump and if seated at the lands, monos create pressure spikes. BTW my bullet selection is 90% Barnes, the...
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    Access in the lodgepoles

    Agreed, you find yourself armpit deep in that stuff and you vow to never return. If you are young and agile, not so much anymore, you can walk on the poles, but if you slip and fall, nobody except the ravens and jays will ever find you.
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    Brutus: A Wyoming Legend

    From the pics of 2016 in his prime, he appeared much wider, but he regressed and was still 62" when he died, WOW.
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    Wyoming deer

    Unless you are already at max points in Wyoming, chances of EVER drawing a LE tag in primo unit are close to zilch. I missed one year and I am doomed. Even the top end regional General tags take twice the points required just from a few years ago. In those units you better be prepared to hunt...
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    Elk droppings

    Obvious, but sometimes overlooked, bulls piss in the middle of their bed, cows at the end.
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    Summer Desert Bull Pics

    Quite a bunch of fat and healthy looking bulls, couple pretty good looking studs.
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    Elk droppings

    Then when they start eating the mushrooms, all the clumping and pellets goes out the window! Yes, generally bull droppings are only tapered at one end, dimpled on the other. "Elk of North America : Ecology and Management", by Jack Ward Thomas
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    Utah pronghorn worth the effort?

    Preference point application period in Wyoming is right now, buy a point for $31 and go to Wyoming next year.
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    Idaho Results Out?

    Five of us drew cow tags in the Stanley area. Will be the first time hunting Idaho and two of the guys I have never met. Should be a fun hunt. Will also be heading to Wyoming with my partner on his hunt and I drew Washington multi-season elk, should be a busy fall.
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    Elk results tomorrow for WY

    My buddy got drawn for any elk, so I get to go, to a new area. I put in for a couple doe antelope tags in the same unit for a little variety, odds are slim. Now going to apply for an Idaho cow elk hunt with a group, should be a fun fall.
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    Lightweight 300 WSM users- do you shoot 130-150 or 165 and up?

    The load I was using with 69 grs of RL-19 got me 3250. Could get faster speeds with faster powders, but I was stuck on RL-19 at the time.
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    Lightweight 300 WSM users- do you shoot 130-150 or 165 and up?

    Don't be afraid of trying the 130ttsx in your 300WSM. My Kimber Montana shoots them well. What I really like about Barnes bullets is 130 grain in, 130 grain out, no loss. Also very little blood shot meat due to bullet fragmentation, yes there is still secondary bone projectiles, but no bullets...
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    .22LR bolt-action

    My sisters and I grew up shooting a Winchester 69a, sweet little rifle. I might have to see if I can pry it out of my sisters hands:)

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