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    Black bear hunt possibly Colorado

    Wayner - I believe Pennsylvania just initiated a statewide archery season for bears this year. This would likely be one of your closest and least expensive options for travel and licences, and there are more bears on public land in PA than most other places, and larger ones at that. It might...
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    Wyoming draw 2020 question

    I could be one of the casualties of the draw change for Wyoming this year. I won't be applying other than for a PP later on. I am sure there will be many people like myself who can't work out the strategy in the same way as before, so it might be a better year for NR draw odds after all. In...
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    Red Desert

    Did it and hope I can someday do it again. Only if I do, this time it will be a bit bittersweet since it's not possible for my Dad to be there like last time. 😇 Unique and geologically interesting. Wide open spaces. Wild horses. Lots of antelope. Unlimited camping. Hard to get a tag so...
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    4 years still waiting on my buck. How long is too long?

    Not predicting good things here, but crossing my fingers for you. 4 years... sheesh. But no one will accuse you of being impatient.
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    Idaho website purchases

    Make sure you look in the tags tab, i think they list licences seperately. did it this morning as well, and had no major problem just got crashed on once.
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    2020 ID w/caps

    hopefully its OTC deer?
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    2020 ID w/caps

    Get on it NR's! I'm 1 for 1. A better start than last year
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    Chest cold Remedies

    My wife makes me hot green tea, drop of “thieves” essential oil (a trade name, includes several essential oils - look it up), one drop of peppermint essential oil, one drop of lemon essential oil, and honey. Make fun all you want! I am a skeptic no more. All in. I call it my “magic tea”. One...
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    The different way we think

    Agreed. I am not lying when I tell you that so far, I think all of my interactions with residents and even other non-residents have been great on every one of my western hunts. Way better than my home state! That's not saying i haven't had a spot blown up here and there, or a little frustration...
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    Who wants to help plan me a trip to Colorado?

    Only one way to find out! You'll be fine. You have a starting point and that's half the battle.
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    The different way we think

    I have been pondering a little bit lately the whole Residents are from Mars and Nonresidents are from Venus vibe that permeates a lot of forum chatter. Usually, or maybe not usually, but more often than not, or AT LEAST sometimes, in good taste and good fun, but certainly not always. This is...
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    Who wants to help plan me a trip to Colorado?

    Hmmm. Not sure this is as much of a head scratcher as I'd hoped. I'd go back to where you went on your first trip. :rolleyes:
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    Splitting elk meat

    I never really gave it that much thought, beyond backstraps and generally unlimited meat meals in camp. The usual offer of a package or two of meat may come later at home. Things like jerky always get shared when out and about if they are available. But splitting it up evenly as a routine...
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    7mm-08 vs Black Bears

    I cant think of a legal deer centerfire that would not do in a black bear with an adequate hit. 7mm-08 is a great deer gun and should be a great black bear gun.
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    Hunting every hunt area in Wyoming

    These "arbitrary" goals (seeing more country, states) will mean a lot more than actual kills when it is all said and done. I am a big proponent of hunting for the right reasons... and adventure, travel, sightseeing, and just plain old good stories is now my goal. I will never be a stone-cold...