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    Points Schemes

    You missed some numbers there...MT is more, and WY points are more than that, and tiered by species (pretty sure not due to admin costs). Most are more. Add a zero in there for moose and such. CO charges 100 for the big guys. And requires you to buy a licence to buy a point. Maybe you don’t...
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    Caribou game bags

    +1 right now
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    Please delete my password

    I don’t know the OP but I think there is something in his post that might be close to the truth, especially if you have been a long-time member. I haven’t been here all too long, and I have discerned from very early in that this forum is very different from others out there, in the quality of...
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    Safety PSA - Bad Batch of Rem Ammo

    I had a very good conversation with Remington this morning and they seem to have a good process to deal with it. They are taking the flaw seriously, as they should, and are looking into the warehouse to see if more of this stock is affected and are reaching out to the retailer. They are...
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    What the Hell is this ??? We need Help .......

    Wait... :rolleyes::rolleyes: Phallological Museum?? We are living in strange times.
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    Safety PSA - Bad Batch of Rem Ammo

    Pics. If it was 1.. I’d say... OK. it happens. But I have about 25 of these suckers, so I would guess the rest in the lot are pretty stressed too.
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    Safety PSA - Bad Batch of Rem Ammo

    Hi all - I just received an order of 4 boxes of factory Rem Premier Scirocco 150 grain 7mm mag (Item PRSC7MMB) and ALL four boxes have MANY split cases. One box has at least 10! I reached out to the retailer and Remington but also worry about anybody unknowingly using these in the meantime. I...
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    Muzzleloader or shotgun slug for moose

    there will be ZERO, I repeat ZERO problem with penetration using a heavy no excuses conical and adequate dose of powder. on the contrary, make sure there’s no moose behind him. packing out 2 and the ticket to boot will be a heavy bit of work I put one lengthwise through a cow elk and no...
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    Muzzleloader or shotgun slug for moose

    I am sure either would do in a moose easily with a hit to the boiler room. Rifles barrel / sabot loads in shotguns can be finicky... some are tack drivers, and some would miss the target 2 out of 3 times at 50 yards. Good shells are pricey but you have to experiment a bunch of different brands...
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    Old stock Rem Premier Scirocco 7mm Mag 150 gr

    After posting I googled it for old times sake and discovered that the load was apparently reintroduced last year, after being discontinued for years. Happy times! I assume its the updated bullet, the Scirocco II. Still, if anyone has some old stuff with the original Scirocco that they want to...
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    Old stock Rem Premier Scirocco 7mm Mag 150 gr

    Looking for this discontinued stock. I am down to 1/2 box and it shoots well for me.
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    .280 Rem

    I would not buy a newer one if I didnt have to but there sure are some 1980’s 90’s and maybe even early 00’s that are sweet. I have had nothing but 100% over the moon good luck when carefully shopping on a certain online firearms broker site. I have the 280 mtn rifle. The fit and finish on the...
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    Wyoming draw results 2020

    Wow. Just wow. The pronghorn statistics make no sense in so many units. Waiting for someone to tease out the meaning of these wild swings. Is it just people running from one side of the listing boat to the other, chasing last year’s odds? Is it tag drawing services? Is it new applicants just...
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    Motorcycle river crossing

    I have raced off-road and a few had deep stream crossings that were fun...... for the spectators. If you can seal up your air intake to a point even deeper than the water you **may** be able to make it across some pretty deep crossings. We used all kinds of tricks, silicone, duct tape...