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    "Catch a poacher trap" pic's

    I got to see a robo deer when it was kept in storage. The thing probably had 50 shots in it at least. 75 percent of them in the hind end... go figure.
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    concentration of fawn skeletons? Why?

    If you come across something like this again you can tell if animal starved to death by looking at their bone marrow. It'll be jelly like if they starved. You can Google what it looks like compared to a non starved animal. Just another tool in the tool box for trying to determine things like that.
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    Wyoming Corner Crossing Defense Fund

    Welcome to hunttalk 🤣
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    Another "is this bullet good enough for that?" thread.....

    Those horror stories go both ways...I guided just a little, but it was plenty enough to realize you can't trust a client's word on whether they're in shape, can shoot, have a trigger job that's not overly light and unsafe...etc. I'm NOT saying this is the case here. And I wouldn't split hairs...
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    Fatal grizzly encounter

    They were clearly concentrated on a good food source, and that concentration was in no way indicative of overall population density. You guys chose a really extreme example to have a silly argument over.
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    Fatal grizzly encounter

    My two summers in AK were kind've an interesting case study in bear human interactions. During BOTH years, there was a brown bear hunting season. The first summer, we would see brown bears every day. Sometimes up to 14 a day visible from the kitchen table. They were kind've a problem, and they...
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    What's your comfort level reloading for others?

    Good stuff... thanks for the morning laugh!
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    2A advocates should pray for a full recovery

    Partly true... but then you have AOC, MTG, Boebert, Cawthorn etc...
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    Wildife Task force 90-10, etc.

    For what's its worth, every time I've ever brought up mandatory reporting to GF people in Wyoming they get REALLY touchy. I'm all for it. But I think a lot of hunters, and the department as a whole are against it.
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    Wildife Task force 90-10, etc.

    Your making no sense.
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    Wildife Task force 90-10, etc.

    Last I checked, it still costs more to fill my wife's little car with gas than it costs for a NR doe tag here. I don't know where this "kings deer" and pricing the regular guy out rhetoric keeps coming from.
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    Why do people do this when they camp?

    My post probably came off a bit triggered. Just be respectful of others and use common sense and you'll be fine.
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    How To Pick Up A Porcupine

    That makes more sense. Thanks for the explanation.

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