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    Hunting, Depredation, or Slaughter?
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    Just sent $724.68 to Wyoming for the elk draw.

    I decided not to apply this year which kind of sucks. Just getting a preference point. As my odds are VERY low and I apply in SD and Colorado as well. The Wyoming draw comes out AFTER I have to submit apps to those states. Makes it difficult to strategize.
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    Mule and White tail tags

    I have never heard anyone refer to deer as rats out here. However, some ranchers I know occasionally complain about pronghorn that way when they bunch up in a field where they are trying to run cows.
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    Black Hills SD Turkey Hunting

    1. No. 2. Somewhat. it is a small area so you will see some turkeys. there is another thread on this I saw recently. 3. yes. that is true here too but there are still a lot start here:
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    "Oh it is not so bad"

    lunch today...TACOS! simple. hard to screw that up
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    "Oh it is not so bad"

    piece of venison backstrap with a spicy seasoning salt (think lawry's with ground black peppercorns), venison kabobs same seasoning but marinated in olive oil & sprite and onions and a piece of bread.
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    Archery Alligator

    Understood. Thanks.
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    Archery Alligator

    A nice animal for sure. Is there a reason you can't use a broadhead and shoot them in the lungs? Then have them crawl out of the water on their own so they don't drown? I have never done this and only know one person who went to Africa for crocodiles and that was the technique.
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    A sad reminder, take precautions

    I have never done a deer drive like that. What a terrible accident. Are these inherently dangerous as it seems? Seems even doubly crazy both were shot and killed.
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    Got lucky.

    Very nice fish! Maybe the fish felt bad as there are Cleveland Browns fans there? 😅
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    Stoveless backpack meals

    We used green belly's this fall for mid day snacks or part of lunch during elk hunting. Ate one every other day or so. They were good and it was nice to have something different with some extra calories. The chocolate was hard to get all down though. Too rich.
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    Archery Spot and Stalk Hunt: How many arrows to bring?

    How many critters are you planning to hunt? More than 6 with broadheads seems like a lot. Maybe 6 more for target practice/down time? FWIW, I went through 2 elk hunting this year.
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    It truly is hard to watch. I only made it a few seconds. I don't have the strongest stomach for this stuff.
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    WTB Hunting Pack

    This is exactly what I did. Good pack just a few pounds heavier (kind of like me when I bought it). I don't regret getting that one. Was easier to spend more money on boots which was huge!
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    Traeger Virgin

    don't know why you quoted me on this one. Also, the neighbors use seasonings from hardcore carnivore which I got to try yesterday after making a pineapple chicken on their traegar.