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    Pheasant hunting without dogs

    your biggest threat in this type of hunt is the ability to find a wounded bird. Being a good shot is important. I have probably hunted dozens of times and a lot of birds without a dog but concentrate heavily on certain habitat and hunt it differently. My dog points and retrieves. In certain...
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    Arrow recommendations?

    Another vote for FMJs. Bending is an issue but high gpi is positive for me
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    Snapped a long drought

    he is a great looking buck. no reason to say not the biggest. A trophy to the hunter.
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    Looking for boot opinions

    I have Lowa Tibet GTX and they have been great for me for the mountains. I am really loving those. I have hundreds of miles on danner pronghorns over 3 seasons on prairie only and they still look great and are waterproof. I do take really good care of my boots and actually clean them and treat...
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    Antelope advice and thoughts - specific scenario archery

    ps. thanks for responses
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    Antelope advice and thoughts - specific scenario archery

    I don't know where the bedding area is. This year is tough. Really wet year and grasses are waist high in huge patches of land. I was busted on another approach when I didn't even know they were there because grass was so high. I tried to keep the berm in between us until the probably winded...
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    Antelope advice and thoughts - specific scenario archery

    That is what I did. Got within 100 yards and inside the blind spot until 2 walked up the berm and busted me.
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    Antelope advice and thoughts - specific scenario archery

    Man, I wish it was that easy. They do leave the same way as fences are on 2 sides and road on other. They run into a big wide open area. Great for guns, terrible for archery
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    Antelope advice and thoughts - specific scenario archery

    I spent some time archery hunting last weekend and blew several stalks (go figure! 😅 ). However, one of them I feel like there would be some strategy to provide a better opportunity. I characterized the layout in the picture below so I can adequately describe the scenario. I got inside the...
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    Sales Engineer Insight

    Someone that doesn't need to be managed much. i.e. can regulate their time and do what is necessary without being told Being able to prioritize and execute when there are a lot of details and more complex jobs. It is hard to multitask and keep everything straight. Natural extrovert EXCELLENT...
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    Sales Engineer Insight

    People I know that are sales engineers that are salary with commission on the top end up doing a lot of project management. Consider that as well. It is really difficult to get a good sales engineer though. It is in my company.
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    Red flag warnings

    I don't have a lot to add other than I am impressed with the civility and well laid out talking points. Makes a person consider existing opinions more
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    Video - Best Bear Fight Ever

    Wow! amazing video. those bears have some Jiu-Jitsu skills! 😅
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    Carolina Griswald comes to SD and WY? What else to visit???

    Hiking the badlands is awesome. Keep your eye out for rattlesnakes. If you have never seen Rushmore, it is definitely something to see with the historical context and details that can be found while there. It is not as big as people build up in their mind but worth seeing. I have taken...