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    A Muskox Hunt (Pic Heavy)

    Thanks for the great write up. I drew this tag for Spring 2023, and am going out in early March. Obviously very excited, and it is great to hear other people's experiences see their photos. Living in Alaska makes it a little bit easier getting out there, but the weather is always the biggest...
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    Fairbanks in June

    I second the recommendation to head towards Denali, then hook a left in Cantwell for the Denali Highway. The Denali NP front country will be like mini Yellowstone so be prepared for that; however, there are some beautiful and accessible hiking trails at the front of the park to enjoy. I'd skip...
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    Aging out...what to do with trophies

    Wow. Your friend has many amazing memories...
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    If you only wanted one animal mounted, what would you choose?

    Really looking forward to having a Bull Muskox shoulder mount to enjoy after next Spring's hunt.
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    WTH Alaska Department of Fish and Game

    I like maps, but I can see that you REALLY like maps. I'm not sure what the big deal is here though. Somehow thousands of Alaska residents and non-residents (including you) successfully hunt and explore here every year without the files you're looking for. I'm sure I'll get pushback for saying...
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    WTB: Barnes TTSX 140 Grain .284 Diameter Bullets

    Hello Gentlemen, I am hoping to find some bullets that I'm having some difficulty finding. Please let me know if you have any Barnes TTSX 140 Grain .284 Diameter bullets if you have some available for purchase. Thank you.
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    Spring bears

    Snow has been sticking around here in Southeast for quite awhile. This winter was pretty rough weather wise; however, we just had our longest stretch of sunshine in almost two years... so the grass is finally starting to get green around the edges of the shoreline. I head out tomorrow to one of...
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    Alaska Bob

    Hello Bob, welcome to HT. Lot's of great info here and some great stories too.
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    10 Gauge Goose Gun

    Good to know. My primary go to shotguns are a Beretta A400 and a Benelli Ethos. I would love to purchase a 10 gauge from one of those companies, but unfortunately they aren't producing is, what it is.
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    10 Gauge Goose Gun

    I really appreciate all of the feedback that is being presented here fellas. I'm learning quite a bit more about the mythical if somewhat less used 10 gauge by reading your experiences and suggestions. It's pretty scarce out there trying to find the gun that I'm looking for, but when I do find...
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    Approaching Black Bear

    Well if you asked the bears that spent half their time feeding about 100 yards behind my campsite on my last weeklong black bear hunt, I would say that they really didn't care that I was there! That made for some interesting nights in my tent as I was hunting solo and my bear fence decided that...
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    10 Gauge Goose Gun

    Agreed! With the current ammo shortage, I wanted to make sure that I could find ammo before I decided to pull out the credit card for the gun. I live in Southeast, AK so finding a reliable ammo source even in normal times can be difficult. That difficulty is further amplified in our current...
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    10 Gauge Goose Gun

    Happy New Year fellow Hunt Talkers! Hopefully this year won't be a repeat of the last! I'm interested in adding another gun to the collection, and think a 10 gauge is the next gun to fill the bill. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any Browning Gold 10 Gauges online in stock. Have any of you...
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    Quick spring Tahr hunt

    Wow, fantastic hunt! I'm excited for you. it looks like you had some great weather to hunt in and enjoy as well.
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    11 day backcountry pack weight?

    That's a really good list!

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