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  • Breaks Runner, while looking thru the forums and seeing some of your pics I noticed what I think was an Iowa t-shirt that were wearing. Just wondering if you have any connections to Iowa as I am from Iowa. I am also very impressed with all of your pictures and info you have shared.

    Thanks, fulldraw
    Hi Pat,
    It's Jeff Graves from Mississippi. You have shared some of your shooting ideas with me and I am hoping you can help me with some info.
    I bought a McMillan Edge riflestock on the 24 hour Campfire from a fellow who lives near you. It is for a Rem SA and it's Desert Camo. He sent me some pics of it in one of your rifle rests that you make. I want to find out who did the paint job so that I can have other stocks done by them. I can't seem to find his contact info.
    Here's a photo of the rifle in your rest.

    By the way, that is one sweet little rest. I wouldn't mind purchasing one or two from ya if you do that.

    Feel free to email me at [email protected]

    thanks man,
    Thanks he's my best to date 32" outside and 203 gross I need to add some better pics of him someday.
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