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  • Sorry Brandon I just saw your message. I am a project manager and am able to work out of my house. I lived in the Bozeman area for years (and worked in Bzn) and moved out to Three Forks about 8 years ago.
    Man, it comes with something new. You are talking of the Outdoors forum, I am guessing. I know it is a so called hardcore sight. I would run most of them into the ground, but it is also a goofy looking product. Have to not care what you look like. Go join our forum and facebook me, Branden VanDyken. Keep in touch, if you are successful this year, we need pro-staffers in CO. Maybe able to get you some free stuff.


    Well, I know the guys at 1 particular forum rode you pretty hard, but I find most of them to be, well..
    If I can't say something nice I shouldn't say it.
    BTW, I'm thinking of giving the antelope hat a try out here in CO. Gonna try archery with the lopes for the 1st time next year.
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