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    It ain't over till it's over

    Probably the wrong way to do things, but I was taught how to shoot freehand and when we were growing up there was no such thing as bipods and shooting sticks. Practice , practice, practice....the opposite of what Allan Iverson would say. My one buddy can't hit the side of a barn on a bench, but...
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    It ain't over till it's over

    IMO if you cant make a 200yd freehand shot on a deer that's broadside, you better hand in your hunting stuff. I would like to see how some shooters would hunt the BIG Boreal Forrest with their bipods and sandbags. good luck!!
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    It ain't over till it's over

    I had a buddy guide a famous US TV hunter once here in Alberta. He was walking down a cut line with him and a 200" plus WT came out on the line and stood broadside at around 200 yds. The hunter was adamant that he get on the ground to make the shot. Every time he went down to the ground he...
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    North Dakota Bull Elk Hunt

    beauty bull and write up, I greatly appreciate you taking us through this journey, congrats!!
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    New Mexico Unit 21, 24 Antelope

    beauty !!
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    NV Antelope with Big Fin

    beauty pronghorn, congrats on a fine buck and what seems like an even better trip with friends!
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    Backyard buck. How big will he get?

    I think you are bang on guys, somewhere around 175"
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    MT Antelope

    no dice for our group, good luck all!
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    KHunter CO archery sheep hunt least you found some squeakers to start the hunt off......:cool:
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    Beat the odds

    I'm waiting on Archery antelope for AB and Rifle in Montana, here is to hoping...
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    Beat the odds

    looking forward to your hunt and report. With the years Sasky quit drawing these antelope I would have assumed that there was a bunch of big ones to be had. I like the way your province breaks the season down so people can choose their weapon and spread the people out. Thanks god paid access...
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    Beat the odds

    congrats, are you planning on scouting lots? tell us your plans.
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    80" Buck? Destroy My Field Judging

    gents, it doesn't take much for a loper to break 70", it does take a lot to break 80", but this guy has to be closer to 80 than 70, no? I'm talking about the buck he passed up on in his pics for clarification, not the original buck.
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    Elk B and Antelope Draw week.

    antelope results are available gents?
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    80" Buck? Destroy My Field Judging

    that 77" buck you shot is a beauty, no doubt about it. that one you passed looks like an 82" plus buck to me. Hes at least 16", knockin on 17" in length, great prongs and shape where the bottoms are good, his curb appeal is unreal!! the buck you shot has great prongs but he didn't have the...