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    Wife's pronghorn

    Can you elaborate on why they are easier to mount? thin skin is easier ? just curious
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    Good mule deer?

    Maybe if it was fresh antler.....looks a tad old to be looking for him?
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    2019 Breaks Sheep hunt

    stud ram congrats! Looking for 200" rams and finding 180-190" rams, is not a bad way to end things. May not be the hunt it used to be, but it sure seems like its not much off from what it was. Looks like Montana knows how to manage sheep!
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    2019 Breaks Sheep hunt

    that ram looks like he's got some great bases on him. congrats to you and your friend and thanks again for sharing with us to enjoy!
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    Pronghorn Taxidermy

    only one I have on the wall/floor.
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    KHunter CO archery sheep hunt

    stud ram there, congrats on a true trophy of a lifetime!
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    Beaufort County, NC bucks

    If this is what the pinnacle of deer hunting is in your area, I would move. Not trying to be goofy here, but I would spend all of my time planning hunts elsewhere to maximize my potential and have fun doing it. I had what I thought was a good WT spot near my home. I took a buddy there that...
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    2019 MT elk

    I'm always jealous of you boys down in Montana on how great your elk hunting can be!! wow, congrats on a fine bull and some great pics!
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    Sophomore Success!

    great bull, pics, and story congrats to you and your fine buddies !!
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    Another great trip

    love the mass on your buck! congrats to all on a successful hunt!
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    New Mexico Elk Success!

    sweeeet bull , congrats
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    Buck Down

    great antelope thanks for sharing. those cutters are sweet!!
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    First Buck

    slammer antelope bud, congrats on hard work paying off. Beauty antelope!!
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    Wife’s montana antelope

    great pic
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    Alberta Ram

    Here is a pic of that black bear.