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    Are we bad people?

    Your killin me Indy....LMAO the only way Im gonna be able to Elk hunt now in mississippi is on a game ranch, but finally I might fill a Elk tag...LOL BL ;)
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    Whitetails in Dec

    Ok, Im gonna need some advice on hunting Whitetail...In wyoming I hunted them only once but since Im moving to Mississippi in 2 weeks I figured I better find out more about them........Anyone have any helpful advice or website links? Thanks, BL ;)
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    DS dumps big ass buck......(part two)

    Very nice Buck DS :eek: Im jealous so Ill be over here eating this tasty Elk tag :mad: accually there kind of good with salt ;) ...LOL BL
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    Safari Photos!!!!!!!!

    Thanks...that did awnser alot......I figured they just stood there and you would shoot them (kinda like antelope...LOL) I did not realize they were that hard to hunt so in that case, Right On....Like I said I have nothing against it and was just asking a logical question so thank you for...
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    Safari Photos!!!!!!!!

    Ummmm nice pictures but just one question???? Why would you want to kill a giraffe :confused: ? I can understand the other animals but it just seems so morbid to kill a giraffe. Dont take it the wrong way or anything I am only curious. BL
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    DS dumps Big @ss Buck.......

    WTG DS...........nice buck!! BL
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    Who's NEW ?~?~?~?~

    Hi there and welcome, I to have only been here a short while but this is my homepage now ;) (am i scoring moose points? havent heard from the man himself yet) Happy posting and good hunting to you. :D BL
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    SPEAKING of NICE RACKS.... (mature people only)

    Well......i cant say much for the rest of Wyoming but living here all my life I have seen the inside of the Rock Springs jail only once :eek: ....and it had to do with the place your talkin about...The Astro lounge and about 7 shots of crown :eek: BL
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    Who's NEW ?~?~?~?~

    LB, Yeah let me know when you'll be in my neck of the woods and we'll definatly meet, also I come up there every year for the snow machine hill climbs so we'll have to meet up then, I think there in March this year....anyway we can watch some climbs and have a cold one. BL
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    DS' Dink........

    Now come on DS.... It is all in how you cook it trust me friend.....And beside, unless you take your son to that big boy out there this year, next year he is alllllll mine!!!!!!!
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    Shooting females

    Myself...I will only shoot a female If I have already taken a male of that species....ok so far I have shot a few doe Antelope...but I will only shoot dry does...I have yet to take a Buck deer or a Bull Elk so their my main focus....Once I kill a Male of the species I have no problem taken a...
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    Who's NEW ?~?~?~?~

    Ok.... Krys Kumer 29 almost the big 30 Rock Springs, Wyoming (best state ever ;) ) I am officially divorced as of 10:30am today 10-2-01 2 Kids bot Tony 10 and girl Kylie 5 I am a full time student studing welding and automotive tech. I have hunted since I was a baby. So far All i have taken are...
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    Smoked another lope......