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    Who else uses a tag as a purchase excuse?

    That's why I have too many guns. I convince myself I need critter specific guns. Then I started to convince myself I need tweener guns. I have a couple elk guns. I have a couple deer guns. But this year I have a deer and elk tag for the same time. So I tell myself, elk gun to big for deer if I...
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    Which one.

    If you are taking ammo availability, cost, options then it’s the 30-06. It’s not the best all around, just what you have listed. I don’t prescribe the the one gun. Too many good choices and now better choices for specific animals. It’s like what the best truck? For what, driving, pulling...
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    Cattle Grazing Proposal in the Sonoran Desert National Monument

    And thats a good thing. I do the same on my property. Cattle in the spring and summer off in fall. Still a few hang around but for me its all about fire prevention.
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    Not All Who Wander Are Lost

    Are you sure?
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    Why do you need a tag to hunt?

    agreed. I have LOP tags in Oregon. Can get them for a bull and a buck. But every year I only get cow tags and doe tags. I have never even put in for a bull.. Just think enjoying hunting is the goal, not horns. I think cows eat better, easier to pack and saves me from convincing myself I need...
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    Yah, or Nah

    all I know is bought the only piece of crap that's a bigger piece of crap. The 710 in 30-06. I still have it. I leave it at my cabin as a triple back up gun, or I am hoping someone steals it, not sure which. The 710 started the whole plastic cheap guns. It actually will shoot just over a 1"...
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    Ukiah Oregon deer

    There will be lots of people. Its a big unit with lots of public. lots of private too. I have property in the unit directly below it. There are lots of critters but you are going to have to get deep in the unit. I have hunted that unit and Starkey next to it a lot. It has lots of different...
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    Best place to find a guide?

    I dunno maybe. But if you want a chance at a really big bull in the rut. In my opinion there is no better outfitter.
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    Best place to find a guide?

    I can vouch for Steve Biggerstaff, Biggerstaff Guides in Grand Junction CO. Biggerstaff Guides & Outfitters
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    Made in the U.S.A.

    Nosler made in Oregon. Best gun in my safe. But I would own a Weatherby in a minute too.
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    Where do deer poop?

    all over my property. Littering everywhere
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    Sports Teams / Name change

    If Redskins cave it will give me more time on my hands to do other things. For me it will be the final straw that will make me 100% stop watching. Heck my Chiefs won last year so good as time as any to stop watching.
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    GCG shout on Cerakote

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Gibbs Custom Guns in Manhatten IL. I bought a new Leupold VX 3i ( from Schmaltz of course) for my new Browning X-Bolt Pro. I wanted to get it Cerakoted to match the gun. It came back and looks fantastic. I actually sent them my gun also and had them mount it...
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    Aaaaaaaaaaaaand again.........

    If she died it would have gone down as Covid-19
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    Choosing a game camera

    I have 5 Bushnell HD. I have posted lots of pics from them. Most important is battery life. I get over 5,000 pics plus and 2 years in hot and cold weather with lithium batteries. Take 16 each but last for at least 2 years.