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    It's time to do away with landowner tags enough is enough

    Have you or any corp/llc you own ever received any farm subsidies or agricultural tax benefits? Depredation funds? NOPE NOT A PENNY Government loans? Public grazing rights? NOPE NOT A PENNY Was your area added to the electric grid via rural power development services? NOPE NONE Was your area...
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    It's time to do away with landowner tags enough is enough

    Oh boy, Oregon for 2020 is going to allow a general season OTC tags for cow elk on private land in certain units above objective. All you need is permission to hunt on the private property. I guess its arrogance if I allow hunters ( for me its first time hunters or youth) to come out and hunt on...
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    What are you currently reading?

    Just started the Russia Hoax by Greg Jarrett
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    Suppressor on Hunting Rifle

    I guess it depends where you hunt. Personally I don't understand them for hunting. Bench, and recreational shooting sure. In real life hunting situations out west, I am talking ones where you actually hunt which requires 4-5 miles a day up and down canyons and through the trees, the last thing...
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    How much money should you spend on new gear?

    I started off years ago buying the best gear I could afford every year after hunting season was over and the sales started. There were times I was getting 60-70% off. While not all of was top notch gear it was good. To me boots were the one to splurge on first. Fast forward 30 years and better...
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    Favorite Pants?

    Kuiu Alpine . But they don’t make them anymore. Then Kuiu Chinook but they don’t make them anymore. Thank god there is a buy and trade Kuiu only site on Facebook. Just picked up two new pairs someone wanted to sell.
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    I knew her time was near....

    Thanks for sharing. Sorry for your loss
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    Federal bullet in 270 wsm

    Its the greatest round ever made for the 270WSM. Federal quit loading it. I have 2 boxes left and continue to search for someone selling them. Nosler loads a 140 AB but not as hot as the Federal. The best thing I can figure is for you to sell me yours so at least one of us is happy.
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    Creedmoor no more

    another reason to never have a Creedmor
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    Best Trail Cam Pictures

    Nope different. The first one is a 5x4 typical. I have a few pics of him. The second one has a few kickers. Cameras are about 3/4 mile apart.
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    Best Trail Cam Pictures

    latest pics just pulled
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    Good taxidermist for lion Colorado?

    It is. Really a very rare cat. He's almost 35 lbs with full spots. Usually as they get older and bigger they lose spots and kinda go grey.
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    Good taxidermist for lion Colorado?

    Big Cat Taxidermy is the best. this is my Bobcat they did
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    black bear shot placement

    Bears are funny.Some are really pissed and tough and some just roll over and die. Kinda like a big bull elk. Ideally you need to break down a bear, and bust his shoulder or preferably both. I have seen bears go along ways with a heart, lung shot. Very hard to trail because they bleed so little...
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    Calibres you'd like to own

    .27 Nosler