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    Which one.

    For my next rifle I am looking at a 300 win mag or 28 nosler.
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    Question about wearing orange in CO

    I try and make sure to have orange attached to my pack other wise is really hard to see it with a big pack and bino harness on.
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    Solo hunting advice

    Like others mentioned if on a steep slope have para cord to secure it to a tree. Was doing a sheep solo last fall and ended up sliding a good ways holding onto it with one hand while I tried to keep my knife away from me in the other.
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    Adult onset hunter here

    In some places in Colorado, a turkey is almost harder to get than an elk it seems!
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    Colorado Springs Neighborhood Animals

    Woodland Park is the same way with deer and bear. Plan is to draw a tag and just follow them from my house across the road into National Forest land.
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    Best place to find a guide?

    Some outfitters in the high point units will sell unit wide landowner tags as well.
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    Hunting day pack info request

    Used my metcalf as a day pick for turkey season and it worked great. Plus the turkey fit in nicely.
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    Bear Head Taken from Colorado Road Kill

    I have seen roadkill deer without heads in my town before.
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    Misc Archery Questions

    I just bought a dozen because I always will loose or break some and not all shoot the same.
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    Albino Bison

    Private herd near Hartzel CO has 4 or 5 of them now and a couple of full grown ones.
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    When do elk move back up to higher elevation?

    Saw fresh tracks at almost 14k this weekend. Don't know what they were doing up there.
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    What is "fair" chase?

    Thats the thing with most hunts in places like Texas. You may be hunting high fence but it could be on 5-20k acres and not always super easy. Still much different than a western hunt.
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    What is "fair" chase?

    I’m only in support of this for animals like hogs which they are very helpful for
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    Greetings from Texas!!

    Welcome, I'm originally from the Houston area as well.
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    Colorado Results?

    Got mine today