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    Any Leupold BX-4 users?

    I got some 10x50s from Schmalts. Couldnt be happier! Crystal clear
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    6.5 PRC Christensen Arms Mesa Vs Browning X-bolt Hells canyon

    I have a couple of xbolts but if I had to choose another off the shelf gun it would be a Mesa or Ridgeline. Dont think you would go wrong with either
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    RIP Joe Diffie

    First Kenny, now Joe.....RIP
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    Best online store for reloading components

    Shooters Pro Shop has discounted Nosler components. They sell blemished stuff super cheap. Same performance just discounted
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    F'n Time Change......

    That's what I'm guessing hahaha. Still light at 8:00pm here now
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    .338 WinMag Once Fired Brass

    Is that federal premium the nickel plated brass?
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    I've purchased at Cabelas and BassPro here in NC. Not sure if that helps you
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    Wyoming Draw?

    If you choose the special draw you'll be charged the full special price once. Not separately for each of your 3 choices. I believe you now have to buy a preference point separately even if you are unsuccessful in first second or third choice draw.
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    I've had one like this since I started Turkey hunting 20+ years ago. Mine just developed a hole. I didnt even know they still made them. They work great
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    Tent stove setups

    Yeah I had thought about using a metal barrel, I guess a 30 gallon or similar size. Thanks I'll look into that
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    Tent stove setups

    So I'm looking at purchasing, or building a cylinder style tent stove to heat a wall tent. I've looked at camp chef and others as well as thought of building my own. What have you guys used and how do you like them?
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    Scoping out new scopes...

    +1 for leupold and definitely contact Schmalts for the best deal. I have a VX5 from him and love it
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    History Found In the Field

    Not sure how old or if it was from a home place or just a camp. On NF in Wyoming. Pretty neat none the less.
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    Not sure why I'm posting this...

    Thanks man that means a lot!
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    Not sure why I'm posting this...

    My father took his own life almost 15 years ago. Absolutely no warning. He was the last person that any if us would have thought could have done such a thing. You're right about the depression part. You never know what's going through a person's head. My dad also suffered from severe back...