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    338-06, I think this is the one...

    built a few on colt light rifles, 200 gr bullet at 2800. good 6.5 lb rifle for 400 yards,,
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    First Arizona coues deer

    on my bucket list, thats for sure, great job
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    Season in review - more lessons

    nothing like wrapping your hands around the antlers of your first bull,,,, keep going its in the cards
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    Meet Grinnell, my Red-tailed Hawk

    such a great deal...congrats
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    Montana on the Upswing?

    for me laser rangefinders have made a huge difference is success rates for ever person I know, 1st shot misses on those 300yd plus bucks have drastically went down, and the onyx type programs have really made out of the way places very attractive to people, I remember as a kid ( lets say...
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    Advice for rechambering .257 Roberts to AI

    i like to set the barrel back one turn before i rechamher them, that way i have complete control over headspace
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    93 bucks looked at, tired of looking, so,,,,

    looked at 93 bucks so far this season, tired of looking, wider bucks, skinnier bucks. shorter bucks, this one had most mass and height, so what the heck
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    Meet Grinnell, my Red-tailed Hawk

    I met a guy out of Glasgow had a few falcons I believe and couple setters, he loved chasing phes and sharptails. I never got to go out with him though,,, I have a hard pointing wirehair right now if you need a pointer someday
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    Meet Grinnell, my Red-tailed Hawk

    this is very cool,, how bout flying the bird over a pointing dog ,,,,
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    I Ain't Dead

    was wondering where you went, always look forward to the fish pics,,,,
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    Have you ever NOT felt like hunting?

    i understand the feeling drove 400 miles by myself hunted in the blizzard around white sulphur, couldnt get the elk to stay on the public, ran to great falls late last night met my kid for dinner, he left to idaho this am, and then back to the east, i gave a good try, but , without your best...
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    Divorce, do you ever see it coming...

    that is a bonus, some folks here have reached out to me for insight, ect, i appreciate, it, i am taking steps to change me for me, baby steps, maybe someone will notice and i wont do this again, there is always room for self improvement i believe, and faith has to become a big part of this...
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    Never bone out shoulder again

    damn fine looking
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    Divorce, do you ever see it coming...

    amazed at 20 years of kids, great times, no real fighting ever, numerous discussions about future, retirement, life, Montana prairie is a desolate place, never really needed many friends as I had my greatest friend and partner for all aspects, family 1100 miles away , my boy in military...
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    Divorce, do you ever see it coming...

    divorce, do you ever see it coming, 21 years together, kid graduates and goes into military,,,, wife decides needs to be free,,, wonder what I missed,,,,