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    Montana Antelope 2020 Draw Results

    1st tine have nt drew reg 7 buck in 11 years, a bummrr
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    Pretty & Classy rifles. Lets see them!

    bastonge walnut, 700 rem , 7mag
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    2020 Canyon County Fair

    thats great. i tried to get my kid to show some pack goats in e montana, no interest. ,hogs and steers,,,, for him,
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    wtb leupold spotting scope

    looking for leuoold spotter 12x40x60
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    Best Handgun Holster For Bear Country

    i carry a diamond d all leather chest holster most days,, the shoulder strap cuts into my neck no matter how i adjust it,,, why im lookin for somethin else
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    Best Handgun Holster For Bear Country

    anyone watch mountain men on tv. the lion hunter jake. carries a setup id like to find out more qbout, looks like a shoulder harness but the holster sits horizontal. above your hip
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    Is there a hunt talk wildlife photography thread???

    another wife took these in may
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    Bad outfitter practices in central Montana.

    good friend of mine hunting with a oufitter around the musselshell, exact same story, shot bull, bull went to bedding area, cant follow, elk will leqve ranch, onto public, kept hunting didnt get another bull but did get his horns, he seen same scenario few different times that he hunted there
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    Favorite Quarantine Drinks!

    glenmorangie and gingerale
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    Unit 652 deer draw success

    i had 5 i think
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    Unit 652 deer draw success

    i got a feeling this unit will go to a general hunt do to deer numbers vs. disease problems
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    Unit 652 deer draw success

    i also have the tag and my son, scouted alot last winter to see what bucks made it, cant wait
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    Meat birds

    hutterites sell butchered frozen chickens for 6.00 i think and they weight about 5lbs, for wife and i were just gonna support them this year
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    Meat birds

    i do the cornish meat birds, 25 at a time, 5 weeks , old or so butcher, they get so big so fast, i bone out breast, pull leg thighs, out, i can leg thighs,